The Everleigh Bottling Co

two bar tenders making cocktails for seated woman at the everleigh, fitzroy bar in melbourne

The Everleigh – An Intimate Melbourne Cocktail Bar

two peacocks and decretive drinks at fancy cocktail bar with wooden bar and stools
decretive restaurant seating with yellow chairs and black leather lounges at everleigh fitzroy

The Everleigh Cocktail Bar – Address, Booking and Menu

Best Fitzroy Cocktail Bar

the everleigh bottling co take away cockatails manhattan and negroni next to glass with green olive garnish
decrotive melbourne bar the everleigh
patrons being served drinks for fitzroy pub in melbourne australia

The Everleigh Cocktails

decorative black leather couches with deer heads on wall at everleigh lounge
take away cocktails old fashioned negroni martini and manhattan from everleigh bottling co on stainless steel bar

Top Class Glasses

old style english pub with decrotive wooden panelled shelves and wooden bar chairs

The Everleigh Bottling Co.

decretive ornate bar with chandelier and wine and spirt bottles in shelves
brown leather couches and antique furniture with animal busts on wall

The Everleigh Fitzroy Menu 

one bar tender making cocktails for two seated customers at fitzroy bar

The Mixtape

the elk room dining table set up with candles and cutlery at the everleigh

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