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storyville's middle floor mushroom toadstool bar with cocktails and bar tender making drinks

StoryVille Melbourne’s Fairy-tale Cocktail Wonderland 

Once upon a time in Melbourne…

goblet of fire cocktail with smoke at Melbourne fairy-tale bar

Remember the last time you encountered this line, without the Melbourne of course. It’s usually an invitation into an enchanting world. StoryVille’s nightclub in Melbourne is no exception. It’s subtle yet audacious space will release your inner child.

Magical childhood book themed bar of storyville

It’s full of discovery and delight with huge captivating mushrooms, and toadstools sprouting from the walls. It’s tables and bar stools are even crafted from naturally shaped timber slabs. This creative and welcoming atmosphere alone with their magical cocktail menu can’t be ignored.

golden snitch themed cocktail glass with candles burning and dripping magical wax

At StoryVille, you’ll be exploring a new venue and booking a table will unlock a part of Melbourne’s unique nightlife that you never knew existed.

main downstairs magical mushroom bar at stroyville with staff making drink

Storyville Melbourne | Drinks, Menu and Booking Details

StoryVille Melbourne – Join the party

Located in the central business district of Melbourne city, StoryVille is a spacious hangout with an ambient bar, nightclub and comfy booths for your social gatherings. It sets a cosy, charming and romantic mood with great music from both it’s upstairs and downstairs DJ booths.

dj booth table and chairs in storyvills first floor nightclub

For a physical visit and life-changing experience, you’ll find StoryVille at 185 Lonsdale street 3000 Melbourne, VIC, Australia. It’s always better to check their website, and book a table ahead of time in order to guarantee your spot.

large crowd at storyville mad hatter party with two bar staff making drinks

Once you’re inside, bold and compelling decorations will hit imagination faster than any alcohol you know. You’ll easily feel the attention that went into it’s creation, making even more appealing to your senses. Whatever reason you come with, there’s a space for you and there’s a drink for you. Simply walk in and join the mad hatter party! 

fairy tale bar setup themed after alice in wonder land decor of storyville in Melbourne australia

StoryVille’s Magical Cocktail Menu

StoryVille’s menu is a dramatic, creative and unpredictable. You’ll discover a delicious assortment of cocktails and other speciality drinks.  Inspiration for their menu has been derived from your favourite childhood classics like Alice in wonderland, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Adventures of Pinocchio, Beauty and the beast, and several variations of the Harry Potter series. 

You’ll find cocktails with the weirdest and most intriguing names including: “Down the rabbit hole”, “Dr. Jekyll’s elixir”, “Geppetto’s tipple”, “Belle’s rose”, “buttered beer”, and “Goldilocks margarita” to name a few…

Can you guess which tale inspired which drink?

At StoryVille, you’re under the care of mixologists with gifted hands. If you’re new to the bar or a bit confused, trust the bar staff to fill your night and glass with wonder and help you pick a drink.

tinker bells themed bar booth with rope swing with table and chairs at storyville

Imagine sitting in magical booth that changes colour right before your eyes. Or being served a goblet that’s literally on fire; imagine your story reels with flaming cocktails dancing around your glass. Or how about having a little “lemon fishy” swimming around your drink? That’s the dramatic storytelling through StoryVille’s drinks presentation experience.

couples dining and drinking at storyville's melbourne restaurant

Also on the menu are more options for wine, spirits, punch, and mocktails in different combinations. 

magical alice in wonderland themed bar

StoryVille – Melbourne’s Social Bar

The bar has two main levels, with an authentic Melbourne laneway dining in its enchanted streel level garden with white picket fence.

melbourne laneway restaurant at storyville diners eating and white fence at 185 lonsdale street

If you’re looking for relaxation or hard liquor, StoryVille has got you covered. Even if you’re on a tight budget, yet still want to have fun and delight, there’s something for you at StoryVille’s bar.

magical drinks red tea pot and tea cups with dry ice smoke

In addition to drinks that perk you up, lift your mood and introduce you to a new definition of magic; you’ll also have the opportunity to dance the night away. Depending on the events planned for the night, there’s often some of Melbourne’s finest and talented DJ’s ready to get your heart racing. The insanely fun part is usually saved for weekend nights where the bar is open from dusk to dawn. 

rave dance party at storyville nightclub in melbourne cbd australia

What to expect from StoryVille Melbourne

The StoryVille Melbourne bar presents slightly different atmospheres depending on the day of the week. Currently the venue is open from Wednesdays to Sundays. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, it runs from dusk and closes a little early; it’s a work night. These nights feature cocktails by an indoor fireplace, a relaxed atmosphere with slow and calming background music to suit the mood.

rope swing in fantasy bar set up with booths, small tables and brown bar stools

For weekends, starting from Friday evening, the vibe starts chilled, then slowly progresses into a highly active nightclub. Dancing under the giant mushroom, and partying for as long as your legs can hold you. Usually, Saturdays and Sundays last till as early (or late) as 7 in the morning. 

The romantic atmosphere, cozy vibe, yummy drinks, and sensational atmosphere are a constants throughout all the nights. Whichever day you choose to unwind, rest assured your experience and service will meet your expectations, or at least, be pretty dam close. 

Either way, there’s only one true way to find out.

Choose Your Fantasy

A cocktail bar and nightclub that is inspired by, and thrives on recreating sensational memories around the childhood stories that you loved growing up. 

magical tree and vines around upstairs bar seating at storyville melbourne

Ignite your taste buds and take the edge off with dramatic cocktails at storyville Melbourne. It’s a new world in StoryVille. Step in and enjoy the ride. 

Visit storyville Melbourne website for more details. 

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