Spice Market Melbourne Nightclub

women dancing in bird cage at spice market night club on ladies night with confetti and hanging bird cage decor

Spice Market – Melbourne’s Luxury Nightclub

main bar area of melbourne nightclub spice market with l.e.d roof and hanging bird cages
women dancing in spice market night club on new years eve party

Spice Market Melbourne – Address, Booking and Menu

Spice Market Melbourne nightclub in the heart of the city

main decorative dance club spice market with exotic themed bar

Nightclub Drinks Menu

bar tender pouring espresso martini through strainer
womans hand holding orange fruit cocktail in glass

Classic Cocktail Menu

  • Beach Bound
  • Pure Pash
  • The Byzantine
  • Royal Ananas
  • Spicy Margerita
  • Bee Tarty
  • Turkish Delight Martini
  • 666 Degrees of Separation
fruit cocktails on dimly lit bar counter with bottles of spirts on shelves in back ground at spice market bar in melbourne

Exotic Spice Nightclub

exotic themed bar in spice market with columns and oriental themed design
ornate decretive booth in melbourne nightclub with oval entrance and cushions on round couches
four fruit cocktails in glasses on bar top with min, flowers and slices of orange

Décor Of Decadence

pepperoni pizza on breadboard with deep fried chicken nibbles and beer bottle of furphy's on marble table top
main rounded exotic entrance way of spice market nightclub bar

Spice Market Dress Code

ornate decrotive vip party club room in nightclub

Spice Market Contact Details