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social Speed Dating perth for 25-36 years 7pm thurs 23rd nov 2023 the court hotel WA
Speed Dating for 33-47 7pm thrus 2 nov 2023 cheeky sparrow perth wa

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Perth Speed Dating Nights

Speed Dating in Perth are hosted blind dating events for groups of local similarly aged singles seeking romantic partners, casual relationships or even love. So if you’re divorced, been through a breakup or just over the Tinder ghosting, meeting someone the old fashioned way in person could be for you.

Instead of being one of the 1.2 million people paying Hinge to randomly message strangers, Perth singles can now book tickets to instantly meet a group of similarly aged suitors near you. Just remember hosts check ID’s, so stick to your age group with the most common ones being between 20s and 30s to over 40s and 50s dating nights.

Choosing the right night

When choosing your first blind dating night pick an area that’s central. You might live in Mandurah but you’ll find most of 2 million people living in Perth are closer to the CBD and you’ll be surprised at how far some people travel. There’s nothing wrong with attending a CBD event, just make sure it’s one that fits your orientation, such as a gay, straight or lesbian singles events. That way you’ll find others compatible with your dating preference and lifestyle.

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Arrive early and mingle

Another tip is to get in early so you won’t be flustered and will have plenty of time to find parking and grab a drink (which are normally complimentary). And before the event starts, be sure to mingle with the others by partaking in the ice breaker games like trivia and conversation cards. This will calm your nerves, warm up your chat up abilities and give you a new group of people to talk to.

Generate positive social proof

Another tip is to talk talk talk. Sounds like a lot of work I know, but one of the worst things you can do is sit alone on your phone. This generates negative social proof so don’t do it. I’ve even seen guys wearing headphones while waiting for their next chat. Antisocial behaviour makes you look weird and drastically reduces your chance of getting matches. Instead talk to people, guys, girls – it doesn’t matter who, just be social with the goal of having fun and lighting up the room.

Rotate every 5mins

Once the dating event begins, hosts will pair you with someone at individual tables and if it’s not an LGBTQ++ night, it’s normally the gentlemen who move. But don’t talk about yourself the whole time and give the other person a chance to chat to. Because with only 5mins, they’ll soon whistle or ding a bell signaling you to move.

Many can get confused during table transitions, but it’s quite easy. The ladies stay seated and the guys simply move up 1 table. So if you’re a gentleman sitting on table 7, your next place will be table 8. This shouldn’t be too hard as tables are numbered and set up in a circular format around the room. However if you do come across an empty spot don’t stress. Sometimes there’s no-shows.

Don’t no-show

Sometimes people who book don’t show up. This can be pretty rude, so if you can’t make it be sure to message the organisers ahead of time so they can try to balance ratios. Because there’s nothing worse than a bunch of empty spots while those on the waiting lists miss out. Fortunately the queer night’s don’t have the problem of balancing guys and girls. But if you book a ticket, honour it and show up and don’t stand up your dates.

over 40s singles at speed dating night at cheeky sparrow in perth wa

Don’t be needy

Also if you’re ever in an empty spot, just chill. Loudly complaining to organisers about missing a date signals your neediness to the rest of the room. Remember you are there to meet someone by looking attractive. If you feel super uncomfortable sitting alone sometimes the organisers will keep you company, otherwise just chill on your phone or grab another drink.

Also having a 5 minute gap doesn’t give you permission to stalk the entire room. One of the most predator like displays is a guy with a no show walking around ‘scoping’ out the other ladies in the room. Are you a shark looking for your next meal? DO NOT do that.

Demonstrate confident behaviour

The best thing to do if there’s no show is to see if anyone else is also sitting by themselves. After all women are looking for the Alpha male of the group. You can subconsciously signal that you’re confident, fun and social just by going up to anyone else who also looks bored and making friends with them.

Treat it like a fun video game

Yes one of the best things about speed dating is get a whole series of dates in a night but that doesn’t give you permission not to try. Instead think of each one like a challenge from a video game. You simply go in, give it your best and at the same time don’t take yourself too seriously because it’s just a game.

Talk in statements, not questions

When talking it’s best not to heavily question someone you just met, that’s because interrogation is a poor conversation technique. Instead make fun playful statements, talk about the other participants, guess what they do for work, if their a secret agent or event roll play.

single men and women flirting at a bar with drinks

Rollplay your honeymoon

Roll playing is a wildly effective technique for chatting to someone you have a romantic interest in. Instead of asking ‘where do you live?’ or ‘what do you study?’ start planning your fake fantasy honeymoon trip to Paris, or debate the colour of your matching yachts will be when you sail the Caribbean. When done right with a playful attitude will make for fun light hearted conversation. And bonus points if you use a little push-pull when you accuse her of cheating on you by talking to the other guys.

Grab a drink as part of your date

If at anytime throughout the event you’d like to get more drinks, simply take your date to the bar as part of your 5min date. That way you can still get to know them while grabbing your drinks. Just be sure to be back in time for the next rotation or they might skip you and you’ll be suck for a double lengthed date.

Don’t sit too close

Flirting should playful and fun. Not domineering or intrusive. One of the most clueless aspects guys seem to have is body language. I get it, some women are very attractive, but sitting too close to her will demonstrate neediness and she will literally be repulsed and lean away. Worse, some guys still don’t notice this, I mean if she’s leaning away, definitely STOP leaning forwards. Instead chill, lean back and be cool with friendly open body language because if you’re clingy now, you’ll never get a chance to meet her later.

Check if you’re compatible

During your quick date if you’re vibing it’s good to check if you’re compatible. Singles in their 30s often know what they’re looking for in terms of lifestyle, race or religion such as Christian or Asian speed dating nights. Other things to consider is do they have kids, and defiantly steer clear of your past dating patterns if they any red flags or remind you of an abusive ex.

Tick ‘yes’ on those you like

If at any point you’d like to continue your 5 min chat, the best way is to select that person as your match. Basically if you feel like the dates going well or if you get that nervous butterfly feeling in your stomach then take a chance and tick yes. But do tick yes as soon as you feel it, people who leave match selection to the end of the night might forget which names to tick, or worse, accidentally select the wrong person leading to some incredibly awkward first dates.

Work the intermission breaks

I know the dating rounds are fast but they’re more to give you ‘taste’ of what the other person is like. That’s why you should use the halfway intermission breaks to your advantage. Instead of wasting 10mins cueing up for another drink with all the other guys, hang back, see if anyone is by themselves and open a group of girls you’ve just met. If they look tired tell them how exhausting it is having so many women wanting to date you in one night, this flips their frame and is a funny way to start a conversation. Another way to open a group is to ask if they’ve met their husband or wife yet.

Don’t be in a rush to leave

Then after the event finishes don’t be in a rush to leave. Many might feel tired and feel like the night’s over but for the smart few who hang back, this is where the real winning is done. If you see someone you got on with, go over and see how their going. By this stage the ice is well and truly broken and you should be in a fun social state from having so many previous chat. Next would be to suggest getting a drink together and bonus points if you can invite them to another bar nearby. But do check if their local, it’s no good finding someone who lives in Joondalup if you’re from Fremantle.

Follow up with your matches

Lastly your Speed dating matches are usually sent out within 24 hours of an event. So be sure to hand back your match card with all your details correctly filled out so they can get back to you. And your matches are very similar to dating apps, that is if both parties tick yes, that’s a mach and you’ll be emailed each others contact details the next day. But do follow up with your matches and at least try to text or call them. Don’t follow negative thought patterns of a love avoidant that make you give up before you even start.

man and woman holding hands on a date at the beach

Plan fun casual first dates

Message your dates with the goal of initiating a friendly chat in the hopes of arranging a friendly first date at a bar or cafe. And if you forget who they were, ask them to add you on Instagram or Facebook. That way you can easily check their profile to remember without sending the cringy ‘send me a pic’ line that’s sure to get you detected or blocked.

Lastly take your new relationships slow. There’s nothing wrong with casually dating someone to see what they’re like. After all a candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long. So don’t be like the 2.2 residents per 1000 people in Australia who’s marriages end in divorce. Just go on some dates, don’t be in a rush to introduce a new partner to your children and enjoy the chance to fall in love with someone new.