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Single? I hear you and the only thing more frustrating then endless dog photos and topless tinder swipes is not having a lockdown bubble buddy.

Remember what it’s like to feel wanted? You know you Deserve to be with someone. And yet it’s so hard meeting people and that’s exactly why I’m here for you.

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These are fun Social Singles Events in Melbourne, think of social Meetup bar nights with friendly organisers and mingling with others who also want to meet someone just like you πŸ’―

Speed Dating Events in Melbourne

What is Speed Dating? And aren’t we already going through them fast enough on Tinder?

Yes, you’re right, there’s no lack of matches out there, or maybe there is πŸ˜…

But what I’m talking about is the right one, not someone, but the one. Have you seen those cute relationships in the movies or on your favourite TV shows? You know the ones. Now imagine getting home after a long hard day, and finding them eagerly awaiting to be with you ❀

And I know you’ve been through it all before, the ghosted chats, those wasted dates but what if your dream relationship is literally just one five minute conversation away?

Speed Dating Nights in Australia

I know the feels but you’re not the only one. In Australia’s most beautiful (if only slightly locked down) city of Melbourne; there’s other’s who are also feeling alone. Their decent, charming and waiting to meet someone just like you…

Which brings me to speed dating, it’s no longer awkward, you come along, rotate every five minutes and happily chat while meeting charming new singles. Enjoy naturally conversing, asking what’s their dream job and favourite ice cream 🍦

And although there’s no one quite like you, I’ve helped many singles connect through events in Melbourne, and I’d love to help you too. So why not click the above YouTube video to see how their run. And click here to view upcoming events and find the right one.

Speed Dating Events in Victoria

Ding! Speed Dating; Hi My names Sam and I’m a Lion Tamer 🦁

man and woman cuddling on date at a bar while looking into each others eyes and smiling while holding wine with woman and fairy lights in back ground

Well maybe not your next Tarzan but even better then someone running barefoot through the jungle is the next someone who meets you…

Let’s face it, Meeting People is Hard 😳 You already know what online dating is like… Continuous messages, deciphering bad grammar and conversations that go no where; and all for that awkward dinner date?? 😫

Now imagine easy casual 5min chats, no pressure, no stress just having fun meeting interesting people. Held at Melbourne’s exclusive bars and clubs. Enjoy your own private space and complimentary drink πŸ₯‚

Speed Dating Melbourne over 50’s

Looking for the best Speed Dating and singles events in Melbourne? Stop wasting your time with online chats and meet the right one in person.

Call me old fashioned but I like to meet someone in person before deciding if I’m compatible with them, wouldn’t you?

And what not try something new, this is simply a social bar night, lets have fun getting out and meeting someone new.

Discover New Friends

Find Meetup Singles Groups in Melbourne

New to Melbourne? Want to meet someone or expand your social circle?

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Join our social Meetup group to easily meet, explore and make new friends in Melbourne.

Use your meetup app login to enjoy fun social nights and events designed to increase your friendship group and social confidence. Most come alone or even bring a friend!

After a year of Lockdowns, working from home and increasing isolation on our phones, I owe it to bring you theses fun social events.

RSVP and join our group for Great Social Nights and Melbourne meetup events πŸ₯³

Singles 30’s-50’s Meetup Groups in Melbourne

Single? Or tired of the whole dating experience?

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Why not easily meet someone in person with the best Melbourne Meetup speed dating events 😍

Stop wasting your time with pointless Tinder swipes and frustrating online chats that go no where, and experience real connection ❀

The best part is there’s no rejection, simply tick your dating card and receive your compatible matches the next day via email.

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Melbourne Speed Dating Events

Maybe you’re tired of average tinder dates, or frustrated about the whole having to find someone experience? πŸ’”

EVEN WORSE – Is when my female friends feel the same…
She knows she’s a great person, but is sick of the rubbish dates and less then satisfying comments on tinder and other dating apps. πŸ’”

What am I meant to say to the right guys when only the wrong ones approach me? I mean I’m great at talking to friends, but initiating chat with someone new? 😐

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What is Speed Dating

Let’s face it, Meeting People is Hard 😳

Arranging an online date is time consuming, frustrating and not to mention expensive. And when you finally meet I’m sure you’ve know within the first minute if there’s no vibe only to be stuck with them for hours…

Naturally Meet Singles at our Exclusive Events in Melbourne ❀

Simply come alone (or invite a friend) and I’ll greet you with your complimentary drink card! πŸ₯‚ There’ll be a few minutes to mingle with the others at the bar before starting; who are also excited to meet like minded singles just like you!

Every 5 Minutes You’ll Rotate and Meet Someone Fun & New

I’ll assign you a comfortable seating area and companion (enjoy your privacy, I’ve book the entire venue.) After an exciting 5min chat you’ll be prompted when to move, no stress, no thinking – I’ll do it all for you πŸ™‚

Now you’re comfortably meeting your next potential matches while making new friends – seriously I met my current housemate while speed dating πŸ˜…

Stop Being Rejected

The best part is there’s no rejection, simply tick your dating card and receive your compatible matches details the next day via email. Let’s have fun getting out, RSVP and Book your ticket now while places are still available…

Speed Dating Events in Melbourne 2021

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RSVP & Easily meet fun genuine compatible matches with our exclusive Melbourne bar nights and comfortably chat in person β€

There’s no pressure, no stress, you’ll be prompted when to move and introduced to each new conversation 

Singles Nights Near Me

Find the best singles events near you, currently hosting at bars and clubs across Melbourne Victoria at the below list of venues:

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