Speed Dating Events in Melbourne 2021

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Singles Events in Melbourne During 2021 Lockdowns

Single? The only thing harder then choosing what to watch on Netflix during lockdowns is not having a bubble buddy 😫

I know it’s kept to 5kms, but one day we’ll be allowed out and you deserve to find them at speed dating events in Melbourne 2021.

Speed Dating in Melbourne 20-30 Years

That’s right, you pick your desired age range, that is your age. I know when I’m fifty I’ll probably want to be group with the 20-30’s too but that’s not how it works (gentlemen).

Their already waiting for you

Speed Dating in Melbourne Over 40’s

Yep, over 40 and single. But how did I get here? I know let’s not think over our life, all we have its the gift of today, that’s why they call it the present. Lame yes, but the only thing more lame is coming out of lockdowns and still not being with the one who deserves you.

It’s okay to be over 40, I’ve got the age group just for you, that way you can relate, they won’t (hopefully) be talking about their TicTok profile. Instead you’ll meet someone with similar experience at our singles events who’s just like you.

Singles Speed Dating Events

Speed Dating in Melbourne Over 50’s

So you’ve been around the bush. Figuratively that is, but that doesn’t mean love can come true. In my experience it’s quite the opposite. it just means you know what to expect when speed dating and are a much better judge at finding someone compatible for you at our speed dating events in Melbourne 2021.

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