Speed Dating Social Events in Brisbane

image of a speed dating event at the Fridays Riverside venue along the Brisbane River in Queensland, Australia

Single? 💔

Over Dating Apps?

Speed Dating31-47yrs thur, 21st Dec 2023, 7pm The Mix Bar, Woolloongabba Brisbane QLD
Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Meet New People and Make Friends

Speed Dating 31-47yrs thur, 11 jan 2024, 7pm The Mix Bar - Woolloongabba, QLD
Speed Dating 25-36yrs Fri, 19 jan 2024, 7pm Fourth Monkey Bar, South Brisbane
Speed Dating 35-55yrs wens, 24 jan 2024, 7pm Junk Bar, Ashgrove QLD
Speed Dating 35-55yrs wens, 24 jan 2024, 7pm Junk Bar, Ashgrove QLD

Most Come Alone, or Invite Friends

Brisbane Speed Dating Nights

What, you’re single or been through another breakup? That sucks 💔

But before you go buying a bunch of cats there are some advantages to being single. Yes you shouldn’t rebound straight into another relationship, but for those who are ready, Speed Dating Social hosts the best blind dating nights in Brisbane.

Basically if you’re single and want to meet other locals in QLD, attendees meet face to face for a series of 12 quick dates to find romantic relationships or event love. So stop being ghosted on the apps, because here’s what you should know before speed dating in Brisbane.

image of men and women participating in a speed dating event at night, set beside the Story Bridge in Brisbane, Queensland.

image of an LGBTQ gay singles event at The Newstead Social on Masters Street, Newstead, Queensland

 image of a speed dating event at Cindy Chows bar on Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Queensland

blind dating event at The Mix Bar on 765 Stanley Street, Woolloongabba, Queensland

singles dating night at Southbank next to Brisbane river in QLD

So remember it’s as much about going with the exaptation of having fun as it is about meeting new people. I know it can be scary but after your first few chats you’ll find your rhythm and you can go alone or bring a friend. So don’t spend another weekend alone a book a speed dating event in Brisbane.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

infographic header image depicting a person deciding to go speed dating

How many dates do you get?

At Speed Dating Social we always advertises 12 fun dates in 1 night. That’s because it seems to be a decent amount of chats without being too few or too many. That being said there can be a few no shows so we always aim to book 30 to 40 attendees per event.

So even if you hit a couple of empty seats in a night, by the end of 2 hours you should still get around 12 chats. Of course some people will want more and they’re welcome to hang around after an event and keep mingling.

How long do the Brisbane events last?

Even though a mini date is just 5 minutes but some events go up to 10 minute dates. By the time there’s check-ins, late arrivals and intermission, your typical Brisbane speed dating events last just under 2 hours. It’s always recommended to arrive 15 minutes early, that way you’ll have plenty of time to check in through our matching app.

Is speed dating a good way to meet someone?

image of a scientist in a white coat, observing a group of people engaged in speed dating at a bar.

What should I know before speed dating in Brisbane?

Can you go speed dating on your own?

image of a woman walking alone towards a singles event at night.

What should you talk about at speed dating?

What to say? Well it’s just 5 minutes and you’ve literally got two lifetimes to catch up on. After all the goal isn’t to dominate the conversation but to give the other person a chance to contribute to topics like:

man and woman talking about hobbies on a date

How do you match with someone?

At the event you’ll be asked to scan a QR code that will bring up our matching portal. Each event is assigned a different Event Code, this is a word that’s entered at the venue which ensures everyone signs into the same event. After completing your details such as your table number, first name, mobile number and email, you’ll be texted an event link.

image of a man and a woman, each discovering that they have matched on a dating app

Simply click that link and you’ll see a list of everyone at the venue with a toggle yes/no button after their names. Simply click ‘yes’ on as many or as few attendees you’d like to match with. Every time someone also ticks yes on you, that’s a match and you’ll both be emailed each others contact details at 8am the following morning.

What happens if a Brisbane dating event is cancelled?

Cancelled? Look it’s possible, but very unlikely. Lockdowns are behind us and these days marketing is on point so when we aim for 30 to 40 attendees in an event, even if a few cancel the show will still go on. In the extremely likely case that 70% of attendees cancel or we just can’t fill one of the genders an event may be cancelled. If that happens you’ll receive an email and a full refund.