Social Fitness


Tired of being stuck at home?
Want to try something fun and new?

Maybe you’d like to increase your fitness or feel like you belong to a new group of friends who get you

Our group catches up for chats, motivating group workouts and coffee’s too

It’s a chance to get fit while increasing your social circle 😃

If you’d like to mix up your routine, improve your motivation or simply expand your friendship group; click below to Rsvp to join in! 💯

After a breakup,

I was finally ready to do something about my situation and I decided to join a gym.

I was nervous, intimidated and refused to wear a singlet (my arms were too small)

But I kept going, slowly made more friends, and one day the owner of the gym asked me to become its manager.

Since then fitness has become a way to not only feel better; but it was also a way to connect and become part of an accepting community

Working out changed my destiny and ultimately my life.

If I can inspire you to even just try one of these fun free fitness Meetups, then I owe that to you. – Darcy

I stumbled upon a secret, and this is my true story…

As you can tell, I’m not a drill Sargent – it’s a social fitness Meetup, comfortably train at your level and we’ll scale exercises to your fitness level and abilities ❤

Simply bring a water bottle and I’ll provide your equipment and Motivation. Book your spot now because we’re a new group so you’ll easily fit in and I’ll introduce you.

Reclaims Your Energy. Tone up, lose weight and feel confident in your clothes!

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