Section 8 Melbourne’s Laneway Bar

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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Section 8 Melbourne

Section 8 portrays everything that’s great about Melbourne. Cool graffiti covered walls and Indie vibes create the perfect urban party playground.

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As dusk falls the bar’s Chinese lanterns begin to glow, and nearby artistic frescoes light up creating a fascinating mood.

black umbrellas and red chinese lanterns decorating section 8 courtyard bar with brick walls in back ground

This hip shipping container bar has your dream cocktail menu and upbeat music to match. If you’ve ever wondered about visiting Section 8, Melbourne, this is the article for you.

Following are five excellent reasons to check out this CBD laneway urban place. Visit once, and it’ll soon become your new favourite hideaway. The following points have been carefully crafted from visitors’ reviews about section 8 and you’ll discover why it sits among some Melbourne’s greatest venues.  

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Section 8 Bar Melbourne | Drinks, Menu and Booking Details

1- Indie Vibes All Around Section 8

hip crowd with live djs partying in section 8 open bar with shipping container

At it’s heart lays a converted shipping container bar with all kinds of urban street vibes.

crowds partying in melbouren laneway music festival with brick buildings in background

Cruisy Dj’s play urban funk, where you’ll find classy attracts that classy, and peace gets along with ease. Even introverts who don’t enjoy the company of others can enjoy their own high-speed internet connection. 

floating black umbrellas covering brick beer garden courtyard of section 8 bar

2- Tipple, Budge, Guzzle, And Get Fuddled In Section 8 Melbourne

That’s what happens at this awe-inspiring Bar, but there’s more.

patrons on wooden pallet seating under clear roof at section 8 melbourne

There’s so much excitement waiting for you at the bar. What’s more entertaining than getting drunk with your crew, dancing it out, while singing and eating to your stomach’s content.

crowd lining up at night to get into section 8 nightclub music festival in CBD

If you don’t want a full party but still long for a work-free day, section 8 is the place to go. The recreation section 8 brings you will refresh and ready you for the next work week ahead. It’s the perfect place for that much deserved me-time. Why not treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated.

urban setting of graffiti and brick walls of Melbourne street bar

3- Music, Peace In A Rush At Section 8 Bar Melbourne

Music gives you the power to heal, no matter what feeling or encountering. If you’re sad, listen to music. If you’re happy, play your favourite songs. Or if the question is a breakup, the answer is more music. If it’s Section 8, you know what the artists know, and that’s music sooths the soul. 

Section 8 Melbourne helps you to celebrate life and the mile stones you achieve. Feelings shouldn’t be repressed, and music enables you to set them free in the best possible way.

graffiti murals inside section 8 with wooden pallets

Either you’ll feel better by dancing or content to observe and people watch in this fascinating space. The nightclub vibe gives you the best space to explore. There’s no better place for a cultural mixture than Section 8 bar.

yellow cocktail with mint and bar tender

4- Gaiety Environment Of Section 8 Melbourne Pacifies Your Tired Soul

Whether you’re an outgoing or not, Section 8 has something for you. Melbourne venues are scattered throughout our city. Now one can enjoy themselves as much as they want, in the way they want. For a unique experience, this environment creates truly special vibes.

And it keeps on getting better. You see the daylight has its own vibe; keeping it mostly classy until the next stage… And at night? You gotta see! The aura of this hip street venue will keep you captivated and partying with friends until late into the evening.

two women toasting cocktails with orange and lime

5- Section 8 Bar Menu – Best Food, Drinks & Cocktails

container ship bar with cocktails coffee and food menu with restaurant staff behind counter

Let’s get to the point; drinks are the main reason we go out. Out of all the reviews there’s maybe be 2% who don’t mention anything about section 8’s fabulous drinks menu. If you’re looking for the best cocktails wine or spirits you’ve gotta try this funky laneway bar.

cocktail with lemon

Enter a through a covered courtyard upon nightfall, for an energetic date night. There’s live music Dj’s, the best cocktails, funky pallet bar seating, and a smoking friendly area. The void you had after lockdown will surely be filled when you venture inside places like this special Melbourne cocktail bar.

outdoor gas heater and pallet seating in street laneway bar

What mostly happens is, you go for a drink and find something else you’ve been needing for so long. It could be the live music, aura, or some person. Yes, such coincidences happen here!

Tattersalls Lane Street Bar

So, are you ready to take yourself out to party this weekend? Hip crowds in an open-air funk bar is the place to go. As mentioned earlier, visit it once, and Section 8, Melbourne will soon become your new favourite urban getaway.

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Address: 27-29 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne Victoria 3000, Australia

Phone: 0430 291 588



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