Saving Grace Melbourne

Saving Grace Melbourne’s Hidden Cocktail Bar

Saving Grace, your traditional American styled Melbourne cocktail bar. Savour classic cocktails and imported wine with exotic burgers and you’ll be well on your way to creating new gleeful memories after our long awaited lockdown hiatus. 

men ordering tap beer at saving grace melbourne

As life ticks away remember there’s more important things than what you do. Shared memories with your family and loved ones will be forever cherished by you.

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Saving Grace is a centrally located Melbourne CBD Bar, sitting on the corner of St. James Cathedral on church lane. It’s a 50-seated cosy bar with outward-facing windows and comfortable benches where you can comfortably enjoy your stay.

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Long hardwood tables and comfortable seating with mesmerizing music create a natural ambience to dwell in its romantic surroundings. Specialising in local beers, international whiskeys and classic cocktails, you’ll discover impeccable recipes attuned for your taste.  

Saving Grace Local Beer, Wine and Whiskey Menu

You’re a Cerevisaphile – if you’re a beer lover or enthusiast, then by definition you’re a Cerevisaphile. I think it’s a perfect term to elaborate true passion for local beers. Choose from six seasonal tap beers and sample local beers all year around at Saving Grace. International whiskey and a range of cocktails are also imported from around the world. Drop into this Melbourne cocktail bar for a fascinating taste of Jimmy’s Whisky Sour with a hint of lemon, bourbon, and sour mix.

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The Saving Grace bar sports a dark brown elegant wooden interior with cosy benches to drink your favourite old-fashioned beer while remembering some your life’s best memories. 

Saving Grace to Relish Your Experience

With recent lockdowns, earthquake and riots, tomorrow is never guaranteed. Yet you still have so much to live for. Now’s the time to clasp the hand of someone special and take back the time to enjoy moments you’ve always missed. Why not share a sip of CuvĂ©e des Copains with her and finally give words to those feelings you’ve always wanted to say. The Saving Grace Melbourne bar has all the necessities for a magical evening. You can trust the locals when they say you won’t regret it. 

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There are countless Melbourne pubs that could astonish you with drinks and revolutionary menus. It might be a talented bartender with captivating serving skills or a venue’s design and aroma. 

down light and woodern tables at saving grace bar

But Saving Grace provides a truly astonishing and relishing experience. You’ll always feel welcome when presented with a unique taste of local beers accompanied by the best dining services.  

Exquisite Dining in an American Styled Restaurant

Picture Kentucky Burgers with American-style melted cheese. The nashville Deluxe burger with a special seasoning of spices and crispy chicken is something you’ve truly been missing. Saving Grace’s kitchen is under Burger Boys, a local pop-up American style restaurant providing your classic American mouth-watering chicken burgers. Burger Boys focus on authentic ingredients insures you’re provided with the best tasting dining experience.

burger and pickles and three slider burger sliders from burger boys Melbourne cbd

Featured recipes included double-fried chicken infused with special spices and secret dips will tingle your taste buds. These deluxe meals make it the best match for any food lover. If you feeling hunger pangs at mid of the day or night, it’s rooftop restaurant is more then well equip to satisfy your every need. 

burger boys burger and full beer glass on bar

You already know life’s short, and we have to make time for ourselves. Nightclubs are the best place to enjoy a great night out with your friends. Yet these days drinking dens seem to appear on every corner and I don’t want you to compromise on quality. Saving Grace’s rooftop bar is the place for a sizzling nightclub scene. With immersive lights and international whiskeys, it’s a place for classic cocktail lovers and old-fashioned beer connoisseurs alike; discover its quirky interiors that’ll give you a reason to choose it again and again. 

Booking Your Function and Celebrate at Saving Grace

Everyone has special occasions and your life’s mile stones deserve to be celebrated with wine, friends and fine dining. This iconic and renowned bar is perfectly equip to serve you with a warm and American-styled classical interior. It’s cosy 50 seat setup is the perfect venue to host your next function or event. Guests can select from an impressive six seasonal old-fashioned tap beers, imported wines, and modern cocktails. Availability to customize audio and video can also be requested. 

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Saving Grace Melbourne is superbly equipped with all the modern amenities to give you the most luxurious and top-notch bar and dining experience. Dark and sophisticated wooden interiors with high lamps and comfortable benches will welcome you and your guests. Imported whiskey and wines along with a tantalising cocktails and beer menu’s are ready to make your night special. 

Address: 32 Church Lane Melbourne CBD

Phone: (03) 8597 8452



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