Riverland Bar Melbourne

patrons in federation wharf vaults beer garden drinking at night while seated under trees and umbrellas

Riverland Bar – Melbourne’s Iconic Urban Beer Garden Hideaway

Riverland Bar is Melbourne’s original waterfront landmark where you can relax in a lush urban beer garden paradise.

outside of stone arch on federation wharf vault of riverland bar in Melbourne

This iconic and historic venue is located in the famous Federation Wharf vaults on the Yarra River, just under Federation Square.

aerial view of Riverland bar at night from above the yarra river with bots and patrons drinking under trees in CBD

The Riverland Bar offers you a warm and relaxed outdoor riverside environment, where you can adore the company of lovely friends and enjoy barbecue sausages and delicious food before a game.

Riverland Melbourne – Your Riverside Beer Haven

This outdoor venue, open all year round, is the ideal place to enjoy beer, chats and snacks. You can soak up the sun in the summer or bask under their warm gas heaters and enjoy unique winter cocktails in the cooler months.

night time crowds drinking and eating at riverland beer garden with melbourne cbd in background

Enjoy your sunny days on charming open balconies, and relax with a glass of darling wine while listening to soft music under Melbourne’s alluring skyline.

view from riverland bar over looking tables and chairs with yarra river and princess bridge in the back ground

Riverland Bar Delivering Melbourne’s Best Service

Riverland Bar will easily meet and exceed your expectations. It’s a comfortable place where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and read your favourite book. Other times you can enjoy it’s lively vibe while spending an unforgettable night out with cherished company.

evening view of Melbourne CBD yarra river and riverland bar at night with bots in the river

It’ll soon become your favourite hideaway to escape life’s mundane routine. Their friendly staff provide daily updated menus where you can select delicious appetizers, dishes, coffee, drinks, and GF sweet desserts.

table with burrito's prawns, chips beer schooner and two cocktails at riverland restaurant

Riverland’s Bar Menu

This heritage listed site is located in the heart of Melbourne’s central business district, in the vaults of the Yarra River. The Riverland Bar offers you a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Guests come to enjoy carefully selected craft and beer before, heading out to an MCG game.

brick walls and exposed roof beams inside federation wharf vaults of melbournes riverland bar

Compliment your stay with a cheesy pizza and chess of spritz. Riverland is also a favourite destination for wine lovers and features their renowned poke bowl for you to enjoy.

outdoor beer garden overlooking yarra river and princess bridge in melbourne, Australia

Riverland – Your Pre Game Dining Destination

Hungry? There’s multitudes of mouth-watering bar snacks suitable for grazing. Or if you’re feeling something more substantial I’d recommend the fish, tasty chips, or cheesy burgers. Also on the Riverland menu is grilled succulent chicken breasts which are ideal for those seeking a heartier meal.

outside of riverland wharf vault's stone walls and arches with dinner menu on wall

The Riverland bar creates a relaxed and calming atmosphere for you to cherish your friend’s company or have a quick bite and drink before the game.

melbourne cbd, federation square and riverland bar at night with glowing nights and boats on yarra river

Explore Riverland’s Historical Bar

The heart of Riverland’s design uses a unique and attractive industrial blend, including two fully equipped luxurious containers that complement the traditional Scandinavian roof beams. This Melbourne pub’s open-air beer garden is masked in vines and greenery, paying tribute to the working antiquity of the Federation Wharf vaults.

outdoor table and chairs with umbrella and two pot plants at riverland's beer garden

The frontal bar service forms the vintage design is worth exploring. With 16 ciders and tap beers and a wide variety of bottled beers, means that even the prime enthusiasts will find something to satisfy their taste. For wine lovers, there’s a collection of Australia’s best winemakers and some international staunches have formed a list to delight your taste buds.

view of princess bridge and Southbank CBD from riverland beer garden on yarra river

Don’t forget to try their extensive list of spirits, which has countless varieties to choose from. Want to finally get out and explore Melbourne bars? Come to Riverland and watch the bartenders make, shake and mix cocktails from their unique and classic series.

Booking Your Next Function at Melbourne’s Riverland Bar

No matter if its social, corporate, or a personal occasion, Riverland’s restaurants have an extensive functional area for you!

Eliminate your catering worries and enjoy interacting with your guests while enjoying the magnificent Yarra River waterfront views!

inside riverland function all with brick walls and bar stools inside federation wharf vaults

They can provide spaces for small gatherings or rent it as an exclusive venue to accommodate up to 300 people. Riverland Bar has a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces; and can be customized according to your needs. Order food directly the menu on the day of the event. And don’t worry, Riverland is the perfect place for your next shared activity.

Make your Every Event Memorable and Delightful  

Riverland, on any day (or night) of the week is perfect venue. They offer a wealth of drinks and special daily foods; there’s no better meeting place.

two orange cocktails with orange flowers at riverland bar

This iconic venue offers a gourmet menu worth perusing on Riverland’s Instagram, perfect for great times and drinks. It’s an ideal place for a drink before or after the football, and stones throw from the art centre. When visiting on Friday night, you’ll be in the hustle and bustle of nightclubs vibe; and you’ll discover why the locals have fallen in love with this waterside landmark.

Address: Federation Wharf Vaults 1-9 under Princess Bridge, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Phone: (03) 9662 1771

Website: www.riverlandbar.com

Email: enquiry@riverlandbar.com

Facebook @Riverlandbar

Instagram @riverlandbar