Winter Date Ideas in Melbourne, Australia

Best Melbourne Winter Date Ideas?

What are you most looking forward to dating when the weather cools in Melbourne?

The idea of cozy pubs and hot chocolate brings a smile even on days when we’re not quite smiling yet. But there is plenty more than just drinkable chocolates—the city comes alive during food festivals, art shows (and other events)!

As the autumn leaves start to change and winter approaches, it’s time for a list of great events in Melbourne. From food festivals like The Royal Oak International Gastronomy Fair (26-28 November) with over 150 chefs cooking up new dishes; art shows that will keep you guessing until their next display–you’re not going anywhere!

Share a Glass of Mulled Wine

If you and your date are feeling the cold getting to your bones, there’s nothing like hot red wine infused with citrus and spices to bring back life. ReWine’s delicious mulled wines are available at pick up meaning that four large bottles can be made for yourself!

Fromagerie is also bringing back their holiday treat this winter – just in time too because we all need an extra warm drink or two during these chilly months…

couple wrapped in blanket at the beach

A Romantic Trip to the Museum

Why not spend your winter date night at one of these great art galleries and museums in Melbourne? The NGV is home to a new French Impressionist exhibition, which will make you feel like an artiste with all those bold colours.

And if paintings are not really what captivates you then head down Science works where Born or Built?, robotic artwork has been installed as part its impressive installation titled ‘The machine turns’.

couple in 20s drinking coffee at speed dating 20's Melbourne singles event in Victoria, Australia

A Shared Dip in Melbourne’s Hot Springs

How to spend your winter date nights in Melbourne? Head down the coast and enjoy some hot springs! There are many great options for spa treatments, meals or just relaxing.

If you’re feeling adventurous try an activity like skiing at Hotham Valley Resort where they have their own onsite resort retreat that offers everything from massages all snowy mountains views–to fireplaces by cozy fires indoors while taking advantage off Australia’s largest outdoor heated saltwater pool (which also happens t be open during summer).

Share a Hot Chocolate

Melbourne is known for its winter woes, but there’s nothing like sitting inside a café on the typical chilly day and enjoying an indulgent hot chocolate.

Yes! The drink comes standard at basically every bar or restaurant that you go to—but if your heart desires something more unique try one from Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters located in downtown Melbourne where they have many different flavors available including Peppermint Mocha Hot Chocolate with Speculaas spices which will warm up those cold fingers quickly enough while still being delicately sweetened by this popular Australian export.”

Take Them Ice Skating

Ice skating is a great way to keep your body warm this winter.

You can head out on the ice for an hour or so, and it will be worth every minute of those freezing cold days! Check with local venues before you go; some offer rentals as well so that everyone in attendance has access without having too much invested financially into one activity alone (such O’Brien Icehouse).

And don’t forget about all of these fun activities: there’s food trucks serving up delicious cuisine like Indian Style BBQ Chicken Waffle Sandwich while Fed Square’s Skyline Terrace offers free admission along with live music performances throughout December.