What is Speed Dating

What is Speed Dating & How Does it Work?

Speed dating is a popular event where people meet one another and form relationships. The speed of the process, typically between 3-8 minutes per person for six to fifteen different interactions in total (depending on how large your group size), makes it an excellent opportunity to get acquainted quickly before making any long term commitments with someone you may not have known very well yet!

You meet new singles, chat for five minutes and then go your separate ways until next time! The great thing about this format? It only takes 1 to 2 hours from start to finish – making it easy on both you AND the busy schedules around town (I hear there’s been some crazy tram traffic lately).

How Are Singles Events Run?

Speed dating is a popular event where single people gather to meet others in person at east to chat one-on-one settings. It can be an intimidating process, but this type of evening helps make it easier by providing more comfortable spaces for meeting new counterparts and getting acquainted with them beforehand through conversation topics based on interests shared between both parties involved!

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Removes Pressure and Puts You in Charge

The best thing about speed dating is that it removes the pressure associated with dating.

You’ll get to meet different people, but you don’t feel like you need give out your contact details out of politeness–and who could blame ya?

Our singles events put you in charge giving everyone power over their own destiny by allowing them choose who they’re most attracted too! As we age our interests change; as a result this form falls perfectly for those seeking more than just numbers on another person’s phone number.

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Meet in Person But Don’t Interview

What is the best way to meet new people?

Speed dating! It’s so much fun, and you’ll have a good time with every date. I promise that if your expectations are set accordingly then this will be one event where things don’t feel like work – because they’re not supposed too (unless it feels serious).

The key here isn’t thinking about what questions might come up during these conversations beforehand; instead, just relax into meeting someone interesting who could become potentially life-long friends or even more than just acquaintances…or lovers 🙂

Is Speed Dating Effective?

Speed dating has been around for decades and it’s still going strong. It is fun, fast-paced way to meet potential romantic partners! You might even end up meeting your future husband or wife while you’re at speed daters – who knows?

The New York Times reported that on average participants land 2 out of 10 matches which means they will probably find someone suitable within the event’s time limit (which ranges from 30 minutes all too 1 hour).

Speed Dating Rules

Speed dating rules make it easy for everyone- singles included – because all participants sign up online using your dating match card (no need for email address).

Attendees register when registering themselves at home; then we use Smart dispatched staff members who contact each other until only two couples remain within close proximity of one another after that initial round.