Finding Love at 60

Finding love over 60 – How To Move On

Finding love at 60 can be difficult, but finding it after divorce is even harder. The so-called “baby boomer” generation are finding it hard to match up with similarly aged partners.

The population in the UK has changed so much over the past three decades that experts have estimated that one in six Britons are finding it hard to find their match. And finding love after 60 can be even more difficult because of the pressures to stay fit, young and attractive are gone.

The national census has revealed that finding love after 60 is on the rise, but for older men finding a partner is slightly easier than finding women who want to be with them.

In 2010, there were 3.7 million women aged between 60 and 64 who were still alive. However, finding a partner was only difficult for those in the older age bracket of 65 – 69 as there were far fewer men to choose from. In this age group it is suggested that finding someone with whom to share your life will be particularly difficult.

Experts have said finding love after 60 is more difficult due to two main factors. Firstly, people at this age are finding it more difficult to move out of the family home and start living with their partner as it takes longer for them to save up enough money than previous generations. Secondly, there seems to be a growing trend of marrying later in life.

There are many reasons why finding love is becoming more difficult for older people, but finding a suitable partner with whom to spend your twilight years doesn’t have to be impossible. Here are some of the most popular ways in which baby boomers are finding their partners…

1. Online dating – It’s not just for finding love

Many people think finding a partner online is too sleazy and like finding someone in the Post Office queue. However, finding romance through social networking sites such as really can be a good way to find your other half. It’s estimated that around four million UK citizens go online for this purpose every month, which means finding love online is becoming more popular than ever.

2. Participate in your local community

If you want to find love then sometimes getting out and about can be the best way of finding it. Participating in local events, whether that’s joining a football team or finding other activities which interest you can give you the chance to meet your partner. It’s estimated that finding love in your local community will give you the best chance of finding success.

3. Take advantage of the National Lottery

The UK’s biggest ever jackpot, £161m, was won by 4 people on 14 October last year and experts believe that finding love is more likely to happen if you take part in lotteries. It’s estimated that finding love increases by 20% if you have the chance of finding big money.

4. Look beyond your age range

Many baby boomers find themselves looking for someone younger due to their more active lifestyles, but finding love with a younger person is possible. Some people even look for someone who is in their 40s and 50s, which can be a better option than finding love with someone older.

5. Try online dating agencies

Online dating has really taken off over the past few years and finding love using this method will leave you more likely to find success than finding love by chance at a club or bar. Many people finding love online are finding success by joining well-known agencies, which means your chances of finding your match will improve.

6. Not everyone is in the same financial position

Many people assume that all baby boomers find it hard to find suitable partners based on their level of wealth and it’s true that finding someone who has an equal income to you is important. However, finding someone who is richer or poorer than you can work too as they may be more understanding of your situation.

7. Look past labels

Many older people find that finding love after 60 means finding someone without having to label themselves first. Many baby boomers look for partners on the same level as them and finding love doesn’t have to be about finding someone with an age gap.

8. Don’t give up on finding love

If you think finding love after 60 is too hard then there is hope and finding a partner who shares your interests and hobbies won’t be impossible. Even if you do end up finding someone who has far more or less money than you, finding love is always possible.