Dating in Your 40s as a Man

Dating in Your 40s as a Man – How to Find Love

Dating in your 40s as a man can be a rewarding experience! Many men reach their 40s and realize that they’re settled in many other aspects of their life, but missing a romantic relationship. It’s then that they decide they want a partner.

Here are five dating tips for dating in your 40s as a man:

1. Don’t get caught up on what you don’t have or haven’t done yet.

Instead of feeling envious because everyone else around you seems to be married and settling down while you’ve yet to meet someone special, focus on all the wonderful things you already have going for yourself and all the positive changes you’ve made over the years: like losing, quitting smoking, or getting fit.

man and woman couple embracing while smiling at a park

2. Don’t give dating advice to your friends that you don’t apply to yourself, like: “Just be yourself and the right woman will come along.”

You should help your friends and offer them dating advice, support and encouragement (and if the dating tips in this article resonate with you, share it!), but make sure you’re taking dating seriously for yourself as well by trying out these dating tips. Like dating, giving dating advice takes practice too!

3. Do date women who are older than you or younger than you (but not both at once).

Dating a woman who is five years older or younger has its challenges—like whether he actually wants kids, considering she may have just started dating again, or she’s dating men who are ten years older than her because going out with guys her own age doesn’t work.

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4. Do date women who have children and consider asking out a single mom if it works with your goals and lifestyle.

If you’re in your 40s as a man, starting a relationship with a woman with kids might be the perfect solution for you! You get what you want: someone fun, gorgeous and amazing AND she gets what she wants: happiness, support and companionship from you without having to worry about finding overbearing bachelors anymore. I recommend The Overwhelmed Brain by Toni Sciarra Poynter for more on this topic.

5. Do learn to meet women in advance of dating.

Most dating experts recommend that you wait until dating to “meet” someone special, but I disagree! You can meet women through your existing network of friends and family (women who are dating in their 40s as well!). Or you could attend dating events like speed dating; there’s an upcoming event near you: How to Meet Women: Speed Dating for Men Over 40. Check it out and find a dating group in your area today!

Good luck!