Speed Dating Tips For Guys

How to Attract Women at Speed Dating

The rules of speed dating are simple:

– The women stay seated or stand in a line at one end or side of the room, while the men circulate around them.

– Each time you go on a “date” with someone, you spend four minutes getting to know each other before the bell rings again and it’s time to move on and meet someone new.

– After each date, you mark on a scorecard whether or not you’re interested in seeing that person again. If you both marked “yes” for each other, the organizer of the speed dating event gives you each other’s contact information and off you go!

– At some point toward the end of the evening, the women move to one side of the room and the men to another, where they can compare notes on who they want to contact or wouldn’t mind meeting again.

While speed dating is easy enough in theory, it does take a little know-how for both guys and girls. For example…

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Speed Dating Tips for Guys:

1. Be open-minded. Chances are you’re going to meet a whole range of women from “young professional” types to gals who have been married for years and just want a night out with the girls. A speed date is not a time to be judgmental or picky.

2. Have a few questions ready in advance, but don’t try so hard to impress that you sound canned. Here are a few questions you might consider asking:

– How did you get into (job, hobby)?

– What was the best/worst pick up line someone used on you?

– What’s your favorite restaurant in town and why?

3. If it feels right, ask the woman if she’d like to go for a drink or coffee after the speed dating event. If you’re not sure, don’t even try it. You’ll never know how she feels unless you ask.

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4. Be yourself-it’s okay to be nervous, but don’t let your anxiety show through too much. No one’s judging you harshly, just a potential date.

5. If there’s one person you’re interested in following up with, try to get her contact information before the speed dating event is over. Either have a pen and paper ready or ask if she can email or give you her phone number so that you can look up her contact info when you get home. This way you won’t have to wrack your brain remembering which women gave you their contact information and which didn’t.