Infatuation or Love – How To Know When It’s Real

Infatuation or Love – How To Know When It’s Real

At first glance, it can be difficult to tell the difference between infatuation and love.

Both things are talked about a lot but few ever look at their actual meanings; Merriam-Webster’s definition of “infatuated adoration” says that you’re feeling foolish or obsessed with someone/something while also having some level sense in what they feel towards another individual.

However there are many signs including how long have you felt this way?

The Difference Between Love & Infatuation

You might think that you’re in love with someone but if your feelings don’t go beyond the physical, it’s most likely an infatuation.

While people often use them interchangeably, there are some important differences between these two emotions which will help distinguish whether or not this is something real for both parties involved!

One major difference? Infatuation can be purely emotional whereas Love involves more than just feeling good stuff around our brains, it needs to include caring about another person as well.

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Love is Long Term – Infatuation is Temporary

Infatuation is a powerful feeling, but it doesn’t last very long. It typically comes up at the beginning of relationships and dissipates as you get to know your love better over time- while infatuations can be strong they’re not always durable enough for life’s challenges like illness or death which means we should remember that “love” also includes something more than just sexual attraction!

Infatuation feelings may mirror those from previous lovers so often times when someone feels nostalgic about an old flame there could really just be a passionate reconnection with an old friend.

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Infatuation is Obsessive & Reckless

Do thoughts of them intrusion into other aspects of life like what you’d like do with him/her when no-one’s around.

That is another big sign that this isn’t just infatuation but rather romantic love. The difference between these two states: While obsession makes rash decisions easy (as seen through addiction), stability ensures more caution because being steady keeps us away from doing anything stupid.

Infatuation is Unstable Love is Steady

Love is a feeling of being deeply and permanently attached to someone, whereas infatuation can be seen as short-term physical attraction.

The ‘getting’ or having’ somebody in your life seems very important when you’re involved with them because it means that this relationship has an importance on our behalf; however both emotions tend not want anything from their partner except for attention which might lead into possessiveness if unchecked by wisdom . It’s also possible for people who experience these feelings towards others (infatuated)to become jealous over demanding

Committing to Love

We all have a tendency to fall in love with our own kind. But how do you know if your feelings are just infatuation?

If at the end of every day, despite doing everything together and feeling so deeply connected as partners–you still can’t help but think about what life would be like without this person around or wondering where those connections went missing after they left forever—it might not always feel right!

To commit means taking risks; it means putting yourself out there one hundred percent (even though sometimes relationships don’t work). Making conscious decisions allows us more opportunities for deeper connection because we’re aware that even bad ones could lead somewhere good – while giving up on potential partners nowhere fast.