Fun Melbourne Date Ideas

Fun Melbourne Date Ideas

Have you been looking for a fun date night idea?

Why not try something different and unique! There is plenty of activity in Melbourne that will keep your romantic partner interested. From shopping at luxury stores like Gucci or Louis Vuitton, stopping by The Bay Stroll Plaza to see what’s on offer today.

Head over the top casino hotels such as Crown Casino where they have restaurants available too if food gets lustful while gambling away all their money – there really isn’t anything this city doesn’t provide when it comes down t finding amazing activities with someone special.

Historical Drinking Tour

Melbourne is a city where history repeats itself. The more you drink, the better it gets! tour through Australia’s most alcoholic country with some of its newest hidden laneway bars and fascinating stories to be found on any given day or night.

With so many great places for drinks in this crazy-savvy metropolis there really aren’t enough hours during your trip not worth exploring them all – but don’t worry because we’ve got just what might help speed up that process: A Drink History Tour gives visitors access not only to some off the beaten path watering holes they would never normally find.

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Enjoy a Show at Southbank Theatre

The Melbourne Theatre Company is one of the largest theatre companies in Australia and they produce up to 12 plays annually. This means you can go see a show every other week without having any trouble finding something new!

A perfect date night for two would be attending an evening performance at their iconic building on Collins Street – The minute this place was built it became known as ‘Theater Square’.

If your significant other loves live theatre then there’s no better way than taking them out sometime soon into our newest Elizabethan Era where celebrities still wear makeup just like back when Titanic came out…

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Preform a Duet

How do you make your date night in Melbourne even more memorable?

Try karaoke! When it comes time to treating themselves or someone special, there is no better place than Ichi Ni Nana’s new addition: “Karaokero.” This Japanese-style bar has everything that anyone could hope for – drinks (sodas!), food options like tempura shrimp chips and laver breadsticks along with yummy desserts such as black forest cake; all served up by friendly staff members ready at any moment during entertainer hours which run from Monday through Saturday until 10pm.

Rooftop Bar and Cinema

Melbourne is all about experiencing new things, and who doesn’t want to do that while on their first date? Take your significant other (or maybe just friend) out for a night in the CBD.

Enjoy some burgers at Curtin Houses’ rooftop bar with an incredible view of Melbourne City below! There are even films playing during summer months so you can enjoy outdoor cinema without having too much trouble sitting down or getting sunburned…

Haunted Ghost Tour

If you love ghost stories and Victorian history, then this is the night for your honeymoon. Start off with a guided tour of Old Melbourne Gaol where we’ll tell some spooky tales from its haunted past!

What’s more romantic than spending time together exploring an old jail? You can even play games like hangman or mini golf while getting acquainted with all things “Gaelic.”