Date Night Ideas in Melbourne Australia

Unique Date Night Ideas in Melbourne

It is no secret that dating can get a little boring after some time.

Whether you’re in need of inspiration or simply looking for something new, there are many different options available to suit any mood and taste!

Here I have compiled my favourite unique date ideas from around Melbourne’s CBD in Victoria, Australia which will surely bring out the romance side within both yourselves as well as your partner while also ensuring an adventurous evening together.

Date Night at the Planetarium

To make the most out of your date night, book yourself in for one or two adults-only Friday sessions at Scienceworks Planetarium.

You can enjoy a glittering starry sky with special someone by their side from 7:30pm each weeknight! There will be two full dome film screenings – one focused on astronomy and another where they’ll explore what lies beyond our world using space simulator technologies ( led participatory activities).

Get ready to take that trip into unknown territory while learning how all things exist within an interconnected universe…

couple wrapped in blanket at the beach

Romantic Drink at Ballers Clubhouse

Melbourne is the city of romance and there’s no better place for date night with games than Ballers Clubhouse.

With 75 beer taps, competitive dartboards (with private rooms), pimped up ping pong tables or shuffleboard courts – it has something which will suit everyone!

It may be an intimidating beginning of your relationship environment but don’t worry; they’ve got you covered by providing high energy entertainment in form on their ‘supervenue’. Whether its playing games together while sipping refreshing drinks at ones side…

couple in 20s drinking coffee at speed dating 20's Melbourne singles event in Victoria, Australia

Romantic Walk Along Yarra River

Date nights don’t need to be extravagant or fancy! You could just as easily spend time with your loved one by sitting near each other along the Yarra River, eating takeout food from Uber Eats and drinking wine.

The mood will feel more intimate than any restaurant because there are no distractions – only nature around you; this is invaluable in understanding how much these people care about creating memories together.

Adventures Date at Hardrock Climbing

Feeling a Little Adventurous? Go Rock Climbing in the Heart of town. You’ll be glad you did!

Doing an adventurous date is not your usual thing, but if it’s what makes both parties happy then by all means go for it- just remember that first timers get given some tips on how to rock climb safely so they can enjoy themselves fully without getting too scared or injured (which would ruin everything).

Up at Hardrock Climbing there’s always something new happening – whether its having classes taught right outside their front doors which help teach people skills like tying knots while building confidence through creativity.

Easey’s Dinner Date

On a date night in Melbourne, why not try out the most fun burger experience? Head to Easey’s Collingwood Bar & Restaurant for an up-close view of one Australians’ favourite city. You will be able enjoy this unique setting while eating your choice from their wide selection – what could make it better than being seated inside train carriages that boast views overlooking our beautiful country!