Date Ideas in Melbourne, Australia

Best Melbourne Date Ideas at Tree Climbing

What’s better than one date? Two!

You and your special someone can go on an adventure at Trees Adventure Park. Yes, it is a bit more adventurous but you will have so much fun that it won’t matter what they’re into or how many scars from previous adventures show up when looking through photos later down the road (we all know those memories never die).

The staff there knows exactly how to make our heart rates skyrocket with excitement while still being safe – no worries about getting hurt here folks because if anything happens then just call security who’ll take care of everything.

Shared Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a surprisingly romantic couples thing to do in Melbourne. Where else will you have the opportunity for some alone time and competitive fun?

One of our favourite engagement activities, axe-throwing at Axe Throwing alley has been known by many people as one heckuva date night! Whether it’s just two lovers getting out on their feet or an entire group going together – this activity won’t disappoint anyone who enjoys physicality combined with mental stimulation (and maybe even some cocktails).

couple wrapped in blanket at the beach

A Tip to Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq

Remember the days when you could go on a date and not worry about anything? Of course, it seems like we’re living in an era where everyone has something they need to offer. Dates are no exception!

That’s why I recommend visiting Archie Brother Cirque Electriq for their perfect blend of nostalgia from 90’s arcade games with full service cocktails bar & gourmet kitchen included as well . It will make your next evening together feel effortless – what more could two people want?!

couple in 20s drinking coffee at speed dating 20's Melbourne singles event in Victoria, Australia

Zoo Twilights for Animal Lovers

There are so many Melbourne date ideas for animal lovers, it would be impossible to name them all! However if you or your significant other enjoy animals as much as I do then check out this summer’s concert series at ZooTwilights.

This season includes performances by some of our favorite legends like Icehouse and The Cat Empire alongside up-and coming talent that will make sure you leave feeling satisfied without any bruises on those delicate heartstrings (or teeth).

You don’t have long till these events begin though – make sure not miss out while there is still time before we run outta heroes who need saving…

Immersive Cinema

The best Melbourne date ideas are the ones that lets you get closer to your partner. As cheesy and corny it sounds, there’s nothing more intimate than going on an adventure with them- especially if they’re dressed up in costume!

This is exactly why I recommend trying out immersive cinema: because when we watch movies together at their Underground CineMEMTresor (don’t worry, everything’s translated), not only do our jaws hit dirt time after tense scene; but also supposed “actors” perform scenes from popular films right before YOUR eyes…

Cocktails at Ice Bar

The only thing cooler than an ice-cold drink is one free cocktail. And we’ve got your date covered! Whether it be Wednesday or not, there’s always buy 1 get on all cocktails at our bar in Melbourne CBD – Icebar.(ice)

A lot can happen during your evening here: You might meet someone new who just takes their first steps into the city; maybe even learn how to mix those perfect pink lady alliances from scratch (not too strong though).

The ambiance will keep everyone coming back for more as they dance under warm lights while enjoying crafted cocktails only made using fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.