Speed Dating Tips for Ladies

Best Speed Dating Tips For Ladies – Project Confidence from Your First Date

Whether it’s your first foray into the world of speed dating, or you’re a veteran who just wants to hone their skills, this guide has everything you need. We’ll cover speed dating tips for ladies etiquette and body language, as well as how to find speed date events in your area.

The  Basics: What is speed dating?

Speed dating is a popular way to meet potential dates in your area, without any pressure or awkwardness. It’s significantly less nerve-wracking than trying the traditional approach of meeting people at bars or parties – mostly because you know you’ll be speaking to around fifteen different people in one sitting!

Most speed dating events involve friendly organisers setting you up with dates at pre-arranged events, such as age range specific events. Normally, you’ll be put in the same room as around 15 other couples. The organisers will act as ‘matchmakers’, introducing you to your dates one by one. They’ll also keep an eye on the speed dating clock in order to make sure each 5 minute dates are kept brief.

If you’re more the DIY type, you might prefer speed dating online. Instead of speed dating events, you’ll attend speed dating over an internet chat room or via email correspondence – meeting dates in person only when you’re ready.

If you’re speed dating as a lady, there’s no such thing as a perfect approach. If you’re too direct, it may backfire as the other speed dater might not fancy you as much as you like them! On the other hand, taking too long to reveal your interests could mean that someone else swoops in and snatches up your speed date!

And if it’s your first foray into speed dating, you’ll want to be very careful not to appear too disinterested or aloof. The best speed dating tips for ladies is to find a speed dating balance between being open-minded and taking an interest in your dates, but also having the confidence that if someone doesn’t connect with you, there’s almost certainly someone else who will.

How do I dress for speed dating?

First things first – speed dating is not the time to try out your new ‘sexy’ look! Leave it till later unless it’s is also a specific singles event. You’ll want to appear confident, approachable and fun. Stick with a classic style that’s well fitting – but not too tight or it might put people off! A dress in a simple silhouette is a great place to start.

What else should I consider when speed dating tips?

Consider de-stressing (yoga, walks, reading) in the lead up to the event. Wear clothes that are clean and don’t smell of smoke or fast food! Women need to also wear a statement piece – make it one that matches your personality – but don’t forget to look approachable!