Best Date Spots in Brunswick

Unique Brunswick Date Night Ideas in Melbourne

Have you been on an awesome Tinder date, but it ended badly?

Is there someone who just plain old won’t stop contacting me and I don’t know what to do about them anymore. Well luckily for both of us, here’s the best spots in Brunswick where love will happen without even realizing that its happening!

Date Night at Bouvier Bar

What are you waiting for? Your date night is just a few clicks away! Head on over to Bouvier Bar in Brunswick, Victoria and experience an unforgettable evening.

From the outside it may look small but once inside this fine establishment will surprise with its lamp-lit bar that stretches 20 meters long (64 feet). Order some cocktails while enjoying delicious gnocchi or pasta dishes served up by one of Australia’s best restaurants.

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Romantic Japanese Dining at Kumo Izakaya

The date spot for those who like their taste buds Challenge! With 80+ Sake and Shochu to choose from, paired with 2 cracking chefs this is a Japanese restaurant that will have you coming back again.

Not ideal as your first time out but if we do say so ourselves – give it go anyway ‘cos there’s always more room at our table (literally). We would recommend these dates anyone loves challenging senses…
A must visit whilst visiting Brunswick.

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Adventures Gelato at Beku

The perfect date spot for those looking to finish off a lovely dinner or just have some fun time outside of the house. I mean who doesn’t love Gelato?

Once you find your match in this yummy treat, plan an afternoon around it and enjoy! There’s not much else that needs said–get yourself one of their delicious cones/scoops (or even share with someone!), take advantage while they’re still new on offerings; we promise if after trying them all then return back here again because nothing beats falling head-over heels straight away!

Table for Two at The Alderman

If you’re looking for a date night in East Brunswick, look no further than The Alderman. This place is much-loved bar with random conversation starters and/or awkward moment ice breaker trinkets scattered around the front room – it’ll charm your pants off!

You can also enter through their backroom where they’ve got board games waiting as well as leather seating arrangements that feel more at home than any restaurant or club ever will.

Bluebonnet Dinner Date

The best date night ideas in Brunswick, Bluebonnet It’s time to spoil your loved one with a delicious meal and drinks at this restaurant.

With exposed wood beams along the walls as well as brickwork you will be impressed by how much effort went into making it look like an old English pub! There is also mood lighting that makes any person feel elegant while enjoying their food or just looking over what else they have on offer – from appetizers through desserts (don’t forget about those delectable crumbs).