Guys In Their 20s Don’t Want Relationships

Why Guys In Their 20s Don’t Want Relationships

There is a certain age where guys in their 20s don’t want relationships (or girlfriends) and start focusing more on their career. But why?

20-something guys fight their biological instincts because, unlike guys in their teens and early 20s, they have become much smarter when it comes to the opposite sex. They know that women are sensitive beings who often take a guy’s emotional availability to heart.

Because guys have usually been scorned in a previous relationship, they’re wary of getting into another one for fear that it might not last. Instead guys choose to keep their options open and enjoy time with friends or stay single. The thought process is that going from girl-to-girl keeps guys on the market longer, forces them to change up their material, and makes guys look more desirable.

20-something guys are also focused on other priorities, like work or school. Having a girlfriend can impede guys’ career or educational growth because it requires time, money, and emotional investment that guys may not have.

Fun activities with friends are typically free whereas guys often have to spend money on outings and speed dating. Plus guys’ 20s are when their career begins, so guys want to do everything in their power to launch themselves into the world of work and school – relationships included.

Also guys go through something called “selective mating.” When guys feel emotionally ready for a relationship, they prioritize finding partners who share their interests, values or socioeconomic background. Unfortunately guys in their 20s are young, dumb, and full of cum, so they often choose girls mostly based on physical appearance rather than intellectual compatibility.

Although guys can’t always control when they feel ready for a relationship, they can avoid committing to the wrong girl by keeping an emotional distance in order to protect themselves and their partners. So if you’re sick of online dating apps, read on.

One thing to remember: guys in their 20s want relationships but they want the right relationship. Unfortunately guys’ biological clocks tick a lot slower than women’s, so guys often don’t truly want a relationship until they’re 30-35 whereas women usually want one by 25. Guys will do everything to put off commitment, but guys’ desire for a relationship will eventually overshadow their fear of wanting one.