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❌ Stop having your time wasted on endless Tinder swipes and misleading online chats that go nowhere 🥱

You’ve been through enough isolation during lockdown and deserve to meet someone at Melbourne speed dating singles events ❤

man and woman in their 30's at a singles even in Melbourne at a singles dating night drinking while seated

Ever thought you’re better at talking in person than texting?

Speed Dating at Singles Events in Melbourne

Stop Feeling Rejected

✅ There’s No pressure asking for numbers, easily receive your matches via email

Easily meet singles in person. Click below to view local Speed Dating events near you 👇

booking button for 50-67yrs speed dating event at Golden Monkey CBD Bar December 8th 6:30pm 2021
speed dating booking button for singles meetup event 37-49yrs at Miranda bar December 17th
Melbourne Speed Dating 25-36yrs Meetup Singles Event Golden Monkey CBD Bar 22nd of December 2021

Tired of your friends always staying home in their own relationships? 💍👶🥱

Melbourne speed dating meetup singles event in Melbourne 37-49yrs Storyville Melbourne Cocktail bar 6th January 2022
speed dating 25-36yrs at Miranda bar and nightclub January 7th at 7pm
Melbourne speed dating meetup singles event in Melbourne 50-67yrs Golden Monkey Melbourne Cocktail bar 12th January 2022
Melbourne speed dating meetup singles event in Melbourne 25-36yrs The Oxford Scholar Melbourne Cocktail bar 20th January 2022
man and woman at a melbourne singles speed dating meetup event in the cbd while seated and drinking coffee

Over Online Dating? 💔

Maybe you’ve been through a breakup, recently moved or frustrated about the whole having to find someone experience 😫

Ever get that Feeling you’d like to get out more?

Want to Meet Someone fun or Expand Your Social Circle?

Melbourne speed dating meetup singles event in Melbourne 35-46yrs Golden Monkey Melbourne Cocktail bar 35-46yrs January 26th 2022
Melbourne speed dating meetup singles event in Melbourne Chapel Street 30-39yrs The Social Bar Windsor Cocktail February 3rd 2022
Melbourne speed dating meetup singles event in Melbourne 36-47yrs The Golden Monkey Melbourne Cocktail February 9th 2022
Melbourne speed dating meetup singles event in Melbourne 24-35yrs Storyville Melbourne Cocktail February 10th 2022


Speed Dating Caught on YouTube 👇

man and woman on a date chatting while seated with a cup of coffee in a cafe

Let’s face it, Meeting People is Hard 😳

What is Speed Dating?

Arranging an online date is time consuming, frustrating and not to mention expensive.

And when you finally meet I’m sure you’ve known within the first minute if there’s no vibe, only to be stuck with them for hours…

Tired of Not Meeting Anyone when Stuck Working From Home?

Every 5mins You’ll Rotate & Meet Someone Fun & New!

When you arrive there’ll be a few minutes to settle & grab a drink while mingling with the others who’ll be in the same boat as you ⛵

You’ll be assigned a comfortable seating space and a charming companion.

Easily chat one on one with each match, enjoying roughly 12 – 15 conversations over the night.

There’s no stress, you’ll be introduced and prompted when to move

Enjoy Your Privacy, I’ve Booked Us the Venue

Mid way there’ll be an intermission to go to the bathroom, pursue any favourable chats and grab another drink 🍸

❌ Stop Feeling Rejected

YES I know it’s hard, but we’re all in the same boat ⛵

The best part is there’s NO rejection, simply tick your dating card and receive your compatible matches the next day via email!

Now you’re easily meeting your next potential match while making new friends – seriously I met my current housemate while speed dating 😅

man and woman laughing while on a date at a bar holding wine glasses

Imagine fun 5min chats with charming new friends 

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Remember what it’s like to feel wanted? You know you deserve to be with someone.

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To Ensure Ratios – Places Are Limited

Book now while your space is still available.

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Still Unsure?

It can be daunting meeting new people, and hard making small talk with strangers.

But what if it felt natural? 👍

My Speed Dating Meetups with Melbourne Singles are the Easiest Way to Meet New People

EVERY RSVP brings you more conversations, building your social circle and confidence

At worst you’ll have interesting stories, and what if maybe, just maybe you find someone who completes you… (do it!)

Why not take your first step, BOOK now and smile.

Ever Wondered What to Say?

What are you meant to say to the right ones when only the wrong ones approach you?

I mean we’re great at talking to friends, but initiating chat with someone new? 😅

man and woman seated while laughing in bar at a singles event in melbourne

Relax and let me provide your conversation starters

❌ Where do you live? 

✅ What secret have you never told your parents?

❌ Where do you work?

✅ What passion/hobby excites you?

❌ Do you come here often? 

✅ What would you tell your 15 year old self?

Speed Dating Near Me

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