Melbourne Speed Dating

Melbourne Speed Dating ❤

Easily meet fun, genuine & compatible singles in person with our exclusive Melbourne Speed Dating bar nights ❤

👉 IF WE GO INTO LOCKDOWN – Fortunately we’re 40 person seated events and I book the entire venue, so normally we’re okay. Worst case I’ll simply postpone it (your ticket will still be valid)

Speed Dating and Singles Events in Melbourne

Stop wasting your time on pointless Tinder swipes and misleading online chats that go nowhere 🥱

Why not cut out the frustration and easily meet in person? Click below to view upcoming Speed Dating events near you 👇

booking button speed dating at golden monkey 40-49yrs november 10th
storyville speed dating button 30-39yrs november 11th
Miranda bar speed dating 24-34yrs November 12th

Tired of Online Dating? 💔

Maybe you’re tired of online dating or frustrated about the whole having to find someone experience 😫

Why not easily meet fun attractive singles in person while speed-dating?

There’s no pressure, no stress, you’ll be prompted when to move and introduced to each new conversation ✔

20-29yrs speed dating at storyville november 25th

Watch Our Last Speed Dating Event On YouTube 👇

You Deserve To Feel Wanted

Looking for the best singles events in Melbourne?

Single? I hear you and the only thing more frustrating than the same endless dog photos and topless tinder pics is not having a lockdown bubble buddy.

Remember what it’s like to feel wanted? You know you deserve to be with someone. And yet it’s so hard meeting people; and that’s exactly why I’m here for you.

Find Your Match Today ❤

Now imagine rotating every five-minutes and enjoying fun social chats in person. There’s no pressure, no stress; simply meeting new charming and interesting people.

What to expect when Speed-Dating?

If you want to get out, make friends, meet someone or try a new fun singles event – then RSVP because this is totally for you! 

Watch our last singles event on YouTube, click the video above. 

Aren’t we already going through them fast enough on Tinder?

Yes, you’re right, there’s no lack of matches out there, or maybe there is.

But what I’m talking about is the right one, not someone, but the one. Have you seen those cute relationships in the movies or on your favourite TV shows? You know the ones. Now imagine getting home after a long day and finding them eagerly awaiting to be with you.

And I know you’ve been through it all before, the ghosted chats, those wasted dates but what if your dream relationship is literally just one five minute conversation away?

EVEN WORSE – Is When My Female Friends Feel The Same…

She knows she’s a great person, but is sick of the rubbish dates and less then satisfying comments on dating apps 😫

Have you ever wondered what am I meant to say to the right ones when only the wrong ones approach you? I mean I’m great at talking to friends, but initiating chat with someone new? 😅

Relax and let me provide your conversation starters ✅

❌ Where do you live? 

✅ What secret have you never told your parents?

❌ Where do you work?

✅ What passion/hobby do you have photo’s of on your phone?

❌ Do you come here often? 

✅ What would you tell your 15 year old self?

You’ve Literally Got Nothing To Lose

RSVP and come to an event. At worst you’ll have interesting stories, and what if maybe, just maybe you find that someone who completes you… (do it!)

What is Speed Dating?

Most attendees come alone, or invite a friend!

There’s a few minutes to get comfortable and mingle with the others before hand. We start around 7pm and finish before 9pm with more time to socialise at the bar with great music afterwards

You’ll be assigned a seating space, companion and prompted when to move. There’s no stress, no thinking – I’ll do it all for you 💯

Naturally Meet Singles at our Exclusive Events in Melbourne ❤

I’ll assign you a comfortable seating area and companion (enjoy your privacy, I’ve book the entire venue.) After an exciting five minute chat you’ll be prompted when to move.

Arranging an online date is time consuming, frustrating and not to mention expensive.

And when you finally meet I’m sure you’ve known within the first minute if there’s no vibe only to be stuck with them for hours…

Every Five Minutes You’ll Rotate and Meet Someone Fun & New

Now you’re comfortably meeting your next potential match while making new friends – seriously I met my current housemate while speed dating 😅

Now Imagine fun 5min chats with charming new friends 

Stop Being Rejected

The best part is there’s no rejection, simply tick your dating card and receive your compatible matches details the next day via email. Let’s have fun getting out, RSVP and Book your ticket now while places are still available…

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Still Unsure? – I get it

It’s tough meeting new people, and hard making small talk with strangers. But what if it felt natural? 

EVERY RSVP brings you more conversations, building your social circle and confidence. Why not take your first step, BOOK your spot now and smile .You’re keen because you’ve read all the way here but still have a question, write it below and I’ll answer whatever’s on your mind 👇

Because you deserve love or at least more than just a Macca’s Tinder date 🍟 – Darcy