Red Betty Brunswick Bar

Red Betty

red betty brunwick live music bar on sydney road victoria

Red Betty is a music venue and bar in the heart of Brunswick, Australia. Red Betty might be the only bar with 3D wallpaper in it, a nod to the venue’s origins as a magic theatre. Now reborn as a music venue and bar, it’s a place where people can go to enjoy live performances by up-and-coming artists while they sip on their favorite drink.

The intimate setting means that you can actually see performers close up–a rare opportunity for those who usually have to watch them from afar during concerts or festivals.

Red Betty Brunswick is a bar with a stage tucked in the laneway behind 859 Sydney Road, Brunswick. The bar has live entertainment and an intimate atmosphere perfect for all sorts of performances. It’s hidden location means people often struggle to find it, so if you’re looking for some great live entertainment, this is your place!

The red brick walls are covered in art and records that make Red Betty feel like home. There’s also plenty of space to relax at our outdoor seating area or on the broad front porch (though we do ask patrons not to smoke outside). There’s even more room upstairs where you can enjoy drinks with friends – just don’t forget about the stairs!

Red Betty is a hidden gem. It’s tucked in a laneway behind 859 Sydney Road, Brunswick on the cusp of Coburg. The bar has a magical stage perfect for all sorts of live performance and it’s certainly not one you just stumble across. Red Betty features an intimate setting for small or private parties with its own back-stage room that can be booked out by contacting the bar directly.

The venue also offers up some pretty tasty food from their kitchen, like home made pizza and delicious burgers! If you need somewhere to escape from your everyday life then make sure to find Red Betty in Brunswick.

859A Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056