Bar Oussou Brunswick Bar

Bar Oussou is a venue that presents a variety of genres primarily under the banner of World Music, engaging with musicians from diverse backgrounds and appealing to different audiences who love the experience of live music and culture. With music programming, culture becomes an exchange, breaking the divide of difference yet not compromising on integrity.

Brought to you by the Brunswick Street Jazz Club. A true Melbourne institution, Bar Oussou has been a hub of cultural creativity for over 40 years. Home away from home for Africa’s best and brightest, this cosy bar on Sydney Road is where Melbourne’s finest jazz musicians gather to play.

This Brunswick bar offers a cosy courtyard hideaway, complete with roaring fire, pizza and French Senegalese food. Tuesdays are open-mic night, so be sure to stretch your pipes before heading in! With a fun tone of voice, this product post is perfect for those looking for an unconventional evening out.

653 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056