SweatShop Melbourne Bar

The basement of Seamstress has a new hidden gem: The Sweatshop Basement Bar & Yard. This New York-inspired space is perfect for any daytime function or evening event from special occasions, corporate events and Christmas parties to networking gatherings with friends! With robust decorating options in black industrial chic style coupled by comfortable seating areas including comfy sofas that are great places to catch up over some drinks before dinner.

It has a New York City feel with its industrial chic dĂ©cor and strong smell of alcohol. You’ll have complete privacy in this basement bar, as it’s only accessible from above ground level through an entranceway hidden behind Seamstress’s backroom Drystore Espresso, making it unlikely that anyone will stumble upon you without knowing exactly what they’re looking for.

Situated in a small dark space with hanging fabric bolts and candles. The lights are dimmed to create an eerie atmosphere that feels like you’re in some sort-of ancient home for rich people who never had any need for light.

Sweatshop is a modern cocktail bar in the basement of The Basement. They offer drinks for dorks and geniuses with four different kinds of West Coast Cooler, but they’re sure to mix you up some martinis that would rival any other bartenders across this great nation! If it’s Friday or Saturday

113 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000