Union Electric Bar and Rooftop Gin Garden

Union Electric is a hip hop laneway cocktail bar and rooftop gin garden that creates strange new flavours. They have craft beers, gin, rum, and are named after Bill Murray’s character in the film “Groundhog Day.” Union Electric has an old school vibe with modern twists on classic cocktails. This includes their own take on an Australian favourite—the Carlton Draught schooner!

The Union Electric is tucked away on Heffernan Lane under the lightning bolt in Melbourne’s Chinatown. You can`t make reservations; it’s first come, first served only! Huw Griffiths (owner of the Royal Saxon, Madame Brussels and Le Bon Ton) and his business partner Shane Whiteley have created this unique place that will remind you of London or New York City.

With drinks like the Kum Den Botanica (the title is a nod to the bar’s neighbour), a Penicillin Cocktail or a Death Flip, you can be sure to find something that suits your palate. Not to mention their freshly-pressed apple juice, lemon and ginger raspberry malt shrub – which has an elderflower and micro herb garnish – or pineapple and plum vinegar shrubs for those looking for something on the sweeter side of life.

The Union Electric rooftop bar in Melbourne’s China Town is a unique rooftop gin garden that features juniper plants, Lilly Pillies, lemon myrtle and other native and exotic gin botanicals. The 19th century façade and ceilings add to the historic charm of the space, while Edison-Bulbed, burnished-copper den provides a comfortable setting for enjoying more than 200 rums. Next time you’re in the CBD be sure to visit the Union Electric bar for a unique drinking experience.