Good Heavens Rooftop Bar Melbourne

Good Heavens Rooftop Bar is a Miami Palm Springs-inspired rooftop bar in the heart of Melbourne. With its vibrant colours, ’70s- and ’80s-inspired cocktails and Hawaiian shirt-clad staff, it’s the perfect place to escape for some fun in the sun.

The cocktails are full of flavour and will transport you to your favourite beach destination. Whether you’re looking for a Pina Colada, Mai Tai or Harvey Wallbanger, they’ve got you covered. And the rum has been coconut-fat-washed to give the Pina Colada an extra kick.

Good Heavens Rooftop is located above Fancy Hanks. The Americana theme of the barbeque restaurant is carried through the rooftop bar. Think cheeseburgers; nachos with brisket mole; fried cauliflower with vegan ranch dressing; all making for an awesome night out on the town! And for those less adventurous, there’s always the cheese plate or house made doughnuts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Their 11-metre-long bar designed by Ewert Leaf has 40 dedicated beer taps and they have an al fresco barbecue pit for those great Aussie tradie nights out. Whether you are in the mood for a pilsner, sour or something else entirely, Good Heavens Rooftop Bar has you covered.

Located on the second floor of an iconic building in a prominent CBD location on Burke street, the space can accommodate up to 200 people with 80’s tunes from DJ’s played on the first Sunday of every month. Come down and enjoy one of their cocktails or spirits as you take in all the views Melbourne has to offer!