Seamstress Melbourne Cocktail Bar

Seamstress Melbourne is a restaurant and bar that serves as a perfect blend of Asian and western flavours. It also has a cocktail bar, basement bar, and café. The menu is robust with Asian fusion dishes for those looking for something new to try or want an authentic take on traditional Asian cuisine. Located in an industrial building dating back to 1896, Seamstress offers the best Melbourne bars with its uniquely styled interior by renowned designer James Brown from Milan’s Sottsass Associati firm.

Picture a cocktail bar in Melbourne CBD, which was once the site of an old textile factory. The space has been converted into 4 levels and each level represents different stages of the buildings rich history. From a former textile factory to a Buddhist monastery, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this historical enclave that provides stimulating reminders for all it’s clientele. You can find Seamstress at 113 Lonsdale Street (3 minutes walk away from Parliament Station).

Drystore Espresso Cafe is Seamstresses’ answer to your inner city craving for delicious coffee. Now you can enjoy a coffee in what was once the Drystore area of the Seamstress kitchen. While you’re observing the amazing juxtaposition of interior design, you’ll also get to enjoy the Naked espresso coffee beans being served: Melbourne’s very own specialty brand of boutique coffee beans.
Seamstress Espresso Cafe is open every Monday – Friday, from 7am until 4pm.

Drystore Espresso is the gateway to the rest of the Seamstress experience. As you move to the top of staircase, you’ll find a prohibition era-style bar.

The decor features silk fabrics and cheongsams, giving it a more luxurious feel than other bars you might be used to. They have cocktails using London dry gin, Armagnac brandy and raspberry syrup so you can find something to your liking!

The light dinner menu offers international Asian comfort food that will keep you wanting more. Some highlights include the slow cooked short rib slider with pickled cabbage okonomomi sauce, crispy brussel sprouts with lemon, togarashi and white miso, and the softshell crab slider with Asian slaw & wasabi mayo. If you thought seamstress is just another fancy Melbourne cocktail bar, then you’re wrong. The Dining Room is the continued evolution of our brand into an upscale dining experience that anyone can appreciate. Come in or book a function today!