StoryVille Melbourne Bar

StoryVille is Melbourne’s favourite fairytale-themed bar, where the drinks are mixed with care and the décor is darkly whimsical. Expect to find a bewildering mix of classic children’s novels and grown up stories all over the walls, plus some very interesting magical cocktails mixed with care. The space has been designed by Josh Lefers (Pawn & Co, East 9th Brewing) who was given free reign to be as creative as he wanted.

The result is something unique and spectacular – Storyville fantasy themed bar transports guests through time with its storybook aesthetic where every detail tells a tale of decadence and intrigue. There are nods to classic fairy tales throughout the design, including Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit on the entrance wall; Jack Sparrow’s pirate ship hanging from the ceiling; Little Red Riding Hood’s basket.

The Bird Cage area is a throw back to Tinkerbell & is designed with small groups and bottle service in mind. The cocktail menu – presented in the form of a classic storybook – takes cues from the literary fantasy world. A Willy Wonka-inspired cocktail comes with a golden ticket and the chance to win a surprise gift. Through the Looking Glass is a boozy dry-ice tea concoction. This venue brings your favourite stories to life through a vibrant cocktail menu, serving up cocktails that are as creative as they are delicious!

Located on the old Wah Wah Lounge site, it had a lot to live up to. There are fire-twirling nymphs outside (dead giveaway) and inside the entrance you must walk through a giant fig tree trunk and giant mushrooms.

Upstairs there’s plenty of room to book large functions in its spacious rooftop space, while downstairs is perfect for intimate gatherings or catching up on work in its relaxed office area.

If you want something different from your usual night out, Storyville Melbourne should be top of your events list. From the Narnia-inspired lounge with roaring fireplace and novelty library, to the Alice in Wonderland themed garden bar – there’s something for everyone at Storyville.