GoGo Bar Melbourne

Hidden on Flinders Lane under Chin Chin, GoGo Bar offers an intimate space with 10-seat booths and a delicious menu of Asian-inspired share plates. The cocktails are also something to write home about – think yuzu margaritas, sake slushies and passionfruit martinis.

Philip Rich, Sommelier and owner of GoGo Bar Melbourne, sources just a few cases of wine at a time from some of Australia’s smallest wineries to create an “almost daily wine list.”

The wines are selected with the intention that they be paired with food or enjoyed on their own. Philip takes great care in selecting each bottle to bring you something different every day. A small selection means there is always something new for customers to try, whilst providing great value for money!

The GoGo Melbourne cocktail bar menu takes south east Asian ingredients and gives them a bespoke twist. From the classic Singapore sling to the more modern sambal martini, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, with funny names like the durian bomb and the snake bite, you can be sure that you’ll have a good time trying out all the cocktails on offer.

You’ll enjoy the same great food and prices as Chin Chin upstairs, but with an atmosphere that is more relaxed. We like to say this place has “a lot less attitude” than their sister restaurant. You’ll find an industrial design, red glowing neon lights and high ceilings, it is designed to give guests the best experience possible. This includes their own SoundCloud mix, House, Hip Hop, R&B & 90’s s by DJ Miss Goldie who plays music that will get you on your feet.