Bar Liberty

Bar Liberty Fitzroy Melbourne, Australia is an innovative and fun bar with a laid-back approach. The refashioned bar globe, the champagne sabre (a sword used to slice the top off champagne bottles), being able to drink bourbon from a 1956 Ford Thunderbird are all just some of the reasons why Fitzroy’s Bar Liberty is so special.

They’re also open until late on Fridays and Saturdays which means you can enjoy cocktails without having to worry about missing your train home or working in the morning.

The cocktails are bottled for consistency and are not classic. Some of the more popular drinks on the menu include The Happy Fucking Valentines (made with Lillet Rose, strawberry, chocolate mint and sparkling wine) and The Millions of Peaches (made with bourbon, burnt peach and thyme). There are also beers; non-alcoholic house-made lemonade and kefir; sake; white spirits; and brown liquors available.

Bar Liberty’s menu takes an inventive and playful approach to their cocktails and menu. With a focus on unique ingredients, expect some lesser-known items, like kiwani – a strange, horned fruit that tastes a bit like a sour cucumber or an unripe banana.

With an ever changing menu, there’s always something new to try. The pork collar steak from Meatsmith around the corner is also served with garlic shoots and labne. This Melbourne bars snacks are perfect for sharing, while the bigger plates are perfect for a full meal. Highlights include the charcuterie board, crispy squid and duck liver pate.

This Melbourne wine bar is also known for its unique and exciting wine list, as well as its funny and lighthearted tone of voice. The bar has partnered with Pennyweight Wines in Beechworth, and Tom Shobbrook from South Australia to create a custom red and orange wine that is served on tap.

With an extensive list of wines from producers like Jacques Selosse, Radikon, Ganevat, Jean-Yves Peron and Olek Bondonio (to name a few), who produce clean examples of these wines rather than mistaking wine faults for character in minimal-intervention wines.

With seating for up to 30 people inside and out front on the footpaths there’s no need to worry about a table. This is the latest chapter in Bar Liberty’s story that began back in 2008, when Leon Furst and Josh Begbie took on the challenge of turning a run-down old coffee shop into a funky little wine bar.

They made it happen, with help from friends like Casey Wall (ex-Sebastian), John Torode (ex-Quay) and Russell Norman (ex-Norman). In July 2015 Banjo Harris Plane left for London to pursue his own dreams. Now we have two new guys running things. We think they are going to do just fine.