Ends and Means Melbourne Bar

Ends & Means makes delicious cocktails with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and we love nothing more than cracking bad jokes and listening to great music. Their focus on sustainability means that you can enjoy your drink without feeling guilty about the planet.

The Ends and Means Fitzroy cocktail bar is a labour of love for owners Marc Frew and Josh Hunt. The two friends have put everything into the project, from the design of the space to the cocktails on offer. And it shows – this is a place that feels like home, from the warm welcome you receive when you walk through the door to the laughter echoing down Gertrude Street.

Marc Frew and Josh Hunt – the owners and friends behind the bar – have created a space where everything is made from scratch, with fresh, all-natural ingredients. The cocktail list has been designed with care and attention, showcasing some of the best produce Australia has to offer.

They love finding new, local breweries and giving them a place to shine. That’s why we only serve beer on tap – there’s nothing bottled here. The selection is small but it covers a broad spectrum, from easy-drinking Philter Red Ale to Hargreaves Hill’s latest sour ale (fermented in Four Pillars gin barrels). And for those who like their drinks a little sweeter, we have our own range of syrups – orange, nutmeg, pineapple – made right here in-house.

The team at ends and means wanted to create a bar that felt like it had always been there – with a bit of character, history and humor. The menus and coasters were made using scrap plywood leftover from the bar build.

The beautiful copper resin treatment on top was made using 130-year-old elm tree that Hunt and Frew say was struck by lightning in the Botanic Gardens. The reclaimed pressed tin enhances the comfortable, worn-in feeling the whole room evokes. And the crumbling rendering on the wall? “Encouraged” by Hunt himself. We think he did a great job! Stop by for a drink and take in all the charming details.

79 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065