Dessous Melbourne

Dessous Melbourne Bar is a subterranean bar and restaurant located in the historic Richard Allen & Son building. The menu is snacky, but substantial enough to nudge casual drinkers into staying for dinner. The space is all greys and marble and low lights, with a sense of concealment. The basement windows let in natural light, providing a unique atmosphere for guests.

Our small plates are the perfect way to experience a variety of flavours. Our Unicorn Donut is stuffed with sea-urchin roe and corn custard; there are soft potato pillows with salty bottarga, swimming in butter; a pork-belly sando with tonkatsu sauce; and a dish of pickled globe artichokes, XO and stracciatella. For something more substantial, there’s lamb backstrap braised with saltbush.

While the Dessaus bar menu takes a playful approach to classic cocktails, the wine program is all about sustainability and championing lesser-known wine regions. With Sarah Reilly (ex-Point Leo Estate) and James Hill (ex-City Wine Shop) at the helm, the wine list features biodynamic wines, organic wines and sustainable practices – perfect for those who want to drink conscience without sacrificing taste. And if you’re after something familiar, there are plenty of Old World and New World favourites to choose from too.

You go out for dinner, peruse the wine list and are immediately overwhelmed by the options. Do you want red or white? Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir? Australian or French? It can be daunting. But not anymore! With our new Dessous menu, you can choose from a selection of delicious, organic and sustainable wines – without even having to leave your seat.

Basement/164 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000