Above Board Collingwood Bar

Above Board is a cocktail bar in the heart of Collingwood, Victoria Australia. Owner Hayden Lambert has impeccable bartending credentials (Bar Americano, the Merchant Hotel). Business partners Manu Potoi (Rockwell & Sons, Bar Liberty) and Cornelis Ribbe. There are no intimate corner tables or booths – the only place to sit is at the big 12-seat island bar, or the coveted pair of two-seater banquettes behind it.

There’s no luminous back bar stacked with bottles and bottles of brand-name spirits. Instead, you’ll find an open floor plan that makes for great people watching – plus the opportunity to make friends with your neighbors since there’s nothing separating you from them! With cocktails like “Fuzzy Memory,” “Smokey Eyes,” and “Moscow Mule Rocks!.”

Above Board offers an extensive rotating menu with both classic and contemporary cocktails as well as a range of beer on tap from local breweries such as 3 Ravens Beer Co., Hargreaves Hill Brewing Company and Mountain Goat Brewery.

Owner and head bartender Reuben Riggs has created an imaginative menu of adventurous flavours, like the Cherry Rascal with Islay whisky, blackberry liqueur, cherry brandy and absinthe. There are 25 or so cocktails on the menu – split into signatures and updated classics & takeaway cocktails.

The menu also includes drinks like Limoncello (fresh lemon juice, Stoli vodka), Gin Basil Smash (Plymouth gin, basil-infused simple syrup) and Negroni (Campari Bitter Sweet Vermouth). You can also choose from our updated classics including Blue Hawaii (Malibu, pineapple juice & coconut cream).

Above Board is a sharp U-turn and a flight of stairs away. It`s an unassuming entrance at the rear of BeerMash, marked with graffiti and a sign that reads “above board.” A Melbourne cocktail bar with a creative team and impeccable bartending credentials in an intimate setting that’s inviting to both locals and visitors alike. Above Board is located at 69 Smith Street, Collingwood Vic 3066.