Lily Blacks Melbourne

Lily Blacks is a cocktail bar for the true aficionado. Bringing the prestige of the golden era of cocktails to its illustrious lane way location, Lily Blacks serves up some of Melbourne’s finest pre-prohibition libations. From avant-garde classics to modern class drinks, this world renowned drinking venue has something for everyone and can be found tucked away on Meyers Place in Melbourne’s Paris end.

With classic martinis and other traditional cocktails available alongside ambitious blends of unique ingredients, Lily Blacks is perfect for those who love having fun experimenting with new flavours. Alongside the drinks, there are countless beers and ciders on tap or by the bottle, as well as an expansive gin selection and ever-changing wine list.

There are two types of signature cocktail, the Old Fashioned and the Suzy Q. The difference is one has whiskey while the other has gin. Lily Blacks also offers a competition for bartenders the Iron Bartender. Named after the cult Japanese television show, Iron Chef, it’s a monthly event where renowned local bartenders compete against each other by creating their own cocktails using mystery ingredients such as cognac or bourbon.

Lily Blacks Vintage décor comes courtesy of nut-brown banquettes, curvaceous mirrors, antique lamps and absinthe fountains. The menu includes both classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned made with your choice of Cognac, rum, bourbon or scotch served hot or cold.

It also offers modern classics like their take on the Grasshopper with crème de menthe, crème fraiche and slivers of dark chocolate to top it off. They also serve food from the kitchen menu which includes everything from hearty salads to chicken schnitzel sandwiches on brioche buns with beetroot ketchup for dipping. If you’re looking for some atmospheric drinking without breaking the bank, this charming Melbourne establishment should be your first port of call!