Gimlet at Cavendish House

Gimlet at Cavendish House is a Melbourne bar and fine dining restaurant in Victoria. This space is open for all seasons and reasons, from casual catch-ups to intimate booths to elegant dining stage above the city streets. Step into a world of nostalgia and glamour at Gimlet at Cavendish House, located in a landmark 1920s building on leafy Russell Street.

It has been lavishly reimagined by Andrew McConnell and Acme & Co., with classic European charisma brought to the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. There are plenty of special touches throughout the venue that provide that touch of luxury you expect from an exclusive lounge or restaurant – but this one’s not just for the elite few who can afford it!

The Gimlet at Cavendish House is a classic cocktail bar that’s been given a modern update. It’s made with gin, lime juice and sugar syrup, and it’s perfect for enjoying in the elegant dining room on the ground floor of this 1920s building. Cavendish House is a Chicago-style institution that has been married grandeur and comfort effortlessly for decades – rather than since 2020.

This is thanks to prolific restaurateur Andrew McConnell (Marion, Cumulus Inc, Cutler & Co, the Builder’s Arms, Supernormal). At Gimlet, you can enjoy a range of classic cocktails in an elegant setting.

The design by Sydney firm Acme & Co has classicism that recalls the grand hotels of London and New York with soaring ceilings, art deco columns and sentinel rows of champagne bottles. Cavendish House speaks to the team’s determination that this is a bar first, eatery second which speaks well for their attention to detail on both fronts.

This restaurant is headed up by talented chef David McConnell, who has created an amazing menu of seafood dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. From The Lobster Roll to the Duck Poached with Salt and Spices, theres something for everyone at Cavendish House. And dont forget to save room for dessert! The Sweet WA Marron with Saffron Rice is a must-try. So why not come and experience the culinary magic of Cavendish House today