Berlin Bar Melbourne

Berlin Bar is a European bar with an East/West theme, inspired by the culture and history of Berlin City. It has been designed as a sophisticated yet relaxed space for those seeking out Melbourne’s best cocktails or simply looking for a nightcap to end their day. The menu features classic seating alongside modern creativity and old fashioned cocktails. There are also many spaces to enjoy drinks outside, at any time of year!

The bar has two sides, the capitalist side and the communist side. All their whiskey and gin are available in three categories of top shelf, mid-range or budget options. They have an extensive cocktail list that follows a map campaign around Europe where arrows can lead you to your favourite drink!

Established in 2009, this bar splits into two main areas. Simply find the main door, ring the bell and you’ll be admitted to the first floor hidden bar. Berlin Bar has different setting areas in the East and West for the elaboration of Germany during the cold war. Experience the East side’s black and grey during the Soviet rule while the West side’s modern and stylish themed as it used to be.

Berlin Bar serves up a range of whiskies from the world of whiskey. The menu has three categories to choose from, so take your pick and order clean, rich or smokey according to your taste. Some specialty cocktails such as The Fallen Wall and Chancellor Brandt feature premium whisky infused with roasted pineapple suffused with a bitter aperitif. If you’re looking for something cosy and intimate then Berlin Bar is perfect for you! It’s walk-in only venue where there are no bookings available.