Bar Clara Melbourne Cocktails

Bar Clara basement bar provides you with alluring music, ambient lighting and velvet couches which provide an everlasting luxurious experience. Choose from freshly crafted seasonal cocktails like Banoffee Special with a flamed meringue top or delicious house wine and craft beer.

This cafe offers more than just wine to keep you going; sample baked brie with rosé jelly and melba crackers, or try a special mulled wine by Scarlet & Clove. These drinks are full bodied with rich spices and sugar that will make you feel pleasure from the inside out. Bar Clara also specializes in organic ingredients for their meals like truffle cheese toastie with caramelized onion to satisfy hunger, or try one of their specials like “The Boss” which has chocolate liquor, espresso liqueur and cream (yes please!).

Joel McKenzie, the owner of Bar Clara. Originally brought up in the beauty of Yarra Valley, so who better to understand the value of natural and organic ingredients. That’s the reason he’s so good at delivering modern cocktails refined with fresh ingredients. And you can get it all at one place with intimate surroundings.

Bar Clara boasts a variety of drinks with special ingredients to indulge you with the best. Their drinks, like our beautiful city are seasonal, with fresh produce serving as their main ingredients. In Bar Clara, many of the cocktails are clarified which allows for a clean taste that isn’t clouded by any additives or preservatives from other products used in making them!

Tom, the head of the bartender at Bar Clara introduced a limited edition Father’s Cocktail Kit collaborated with The Gospel Whiskey. If you’re stuck at home and would like to create your own drinks they provide takeaway drink kits too.

Their creativity is vast as their drinks selection with Roma Martini, a savoury cocktail blended with clear tomato juice produced in a fast centrifugal machine. And you’ll find the spice of black pepper adds a nice touch! You can sample six different tasting beers including Moon Dog Lager, Wolf of the Willows Pacific Sour, and Napoleone Apple Cider. There

The walls are well adorned with charcoal paint giving you that natural earthy feel. Clara is inspired by nature; its green velvet couches and black concrete rooftop contrasts with hefty beams and beautiful copper bar top makes for an interesting contrast between old and new architecture.

It’s a cosy space with a fascinating y-shape lounge configuration. Skilled bartenders wear dark green to match the natural vibe, while serving their best cocktails. Located in Melbourne’s central business district, it offers one of the most intriguing and intricate night-time atmosphere in town!