Bar Americano

Bar Americano is a homage to the Golden Age of drinking and pays tribute to the great American bars that were USA’s greatest cultural export. Serving classic cocktails that change seasonally with daily distillations, elixirs and infusions at 20 Presgrave Place. As soon as you enter it’ll remind you of the quintessential Parisian bars of the 1920s.

Bar Americano is another impeccable offering from Matt Bax, the maverick behind Caffe Sospeso, Above Board, Bar Economico and Bar Exuberante.

The perfect destination for your indulgent nightcap. As soon as you book it’ll remind you of the quintessential Parisian bars of the 1920’s. The Art Deco venue with a vintage and polished design feeds its vibe. Etched mirror backdrops and accents of gold create a classic touch.

Bar Americano is an intimate bar with a curated menu of classic cocktails. The focus is on perfect balanced cocktails taken from Robert Vermeire’s iconic 1922 tome Cocktails and How to Mix Them, with the menu changing seasonally.

They also offer an online ordering system that will send you the ingredients and tools needed to make one of their signature cocktails in your own home. Professional bartenders strive to provide the perfect experience every time, with an extensive menu full of unique cocktail recipes you won’t find anywhere else. Glam décor, professional service and quality drinks are what makes Bar Americano stand out from other bars in Melbourne.

Taking its cues from Italian aperitivo culture, Bar Americano brings with it a serious approach to cocktail drinking. Office workers lean against the bar (standing room only), loosening their ties, while cocktail aficionados quiz the staff about the finer details of their concoctions.