Lui Bar Melbourne

Lui Bar – Melbourne’s Highest Cocktail Bar

Imagine sitting beside your partner while enjoying the perfect nights CBD view. Housed inside a sleek rooftop bar, your holding hands and sampling exquisite dining, basking under a softly lit atmosphere with a sip of Gin-ger Spritz – Is that love in the air?

decretive lui cocktail bar with black bar stools, leather couches and hanging wine glasses

The Lui Bar and it’s accompanying Vue de Monde rooftop restaurant offers a most relishing experience to make your night truly special. This sophisticated city bar sits atop the 55th floor of the Rialto Towers. The Lui Bar own by Shannon Bennett, offers you a wide range of cocktails and select spirits and refreshing snacks. 

This Australiana-inspired Melbourne cocktail bar has a dark interior with dimly lit lights and a luxurious seating arrangement that warmly welcomes you with both arms open. Gentle yet mesmerizing music plays with your favourite choice of champagne, whiskeys, and wine gives you the opportunity to fill more than one desire. It’s French-inspired décor and crafted rooftop with city light views and vibrant sea food-oysters is it’s main centre of attraction. Perfected drinking recipes will tingle your taste buds, sample lime with carbonated albariño with superb presentation that will surely grab your attention.

melbourne cbd view from inside the lui bar

Vue de Monde Fine Dining atop the Rialto Towers

The gift of humanity is embracing our feelings and emotions, yet sometimes we need a comforting place to escape and break free. You’ll be put at ease with beautiful surroundings, antique furniture, the finest dining services, rooftop restaurant, and your favourite drink – how mesmerizing it is to escape limitations and have space to express yourself openly. Lui bar’s dramatic paranematic naturally lend themselves to viewing the CBD and yourself openly. 

bar tenders and restaurant staff making drinks at the vue de monde kitchen

The Lui Bar with its dark black interior and bright white lights, will give you an experience of uniqueness. It’s black rooftop, marbled floors, and unique antiques are enough to entertain even your most subtle fantasies. This is a place where you can feel the space to express itself. Immersed in your new romantic surroundings will reveal new stirring hidden wants to you.

Whiskey, Wine & Cocktails with a Lui Bar View

Imagine a place that seduces your attention, you’ll notice a jazz inspired ambience sporting ambitious signature cocktails that will surely allure you. The Spacious Vue de Monde restaurant offers several options to dine in with your loved ones and friends. Antique furniture adorned with sparkling colours and soft fabrics will make you feel at home. Stools wait patiently set around high glass windows framing the glow of a distant city lit view.

Melbourne cbd view from inside the vue de monde rooftop restaurant

Savour your glass of whiskey and reminisce back to your most cherish memories. At it’s centre, you’ll find a square desk embellished with your favourite wine and whiskey bottles. Enjoy a shot of whiskey while seated around corner lounges on comfortable chairs. Adorned with beautiful candles and a perfect mixture of seasonal champagne gives you an everlasting, elevated experience at Lui bar Melbourne. 

What’s more pleasing than great company and a glass of Friday night champagne? People drink when they want to live in the moment, to unwind and release the days complications. Beautiful conversations are infused with wine sparking a champagne’s toast. It’s enough to fill your heart with joy and your soul with pleasure.

decrotive cream leather couches with lady seated at rooftop lui bar with city views

Unite your friends, colleagues, and family members and enjoy a toast of health, togetherness, happiness, and thankfulness. Love may come, and it may go – but grab a bottle of champagne and those happily lived moments will never fade away. 

Vue de Monde’s Dining Menu

From the exceptional taste of classic cocktails, champagne and wines to delectable seafood like their smoked ocean trout, jerky to oysters, the Lui bar’s restaurant Vue de Monde’s menu includes seasonal varieties of nuts, olives, and other sensual snacks. Delectable mini burgers, ham & cheese toasties with some unusual signature and seasonal cocktails will tingle your taste buds. Enjoy elegance and dining at it’s finest in the towering CBD restaurant. The Vue de Monde includes special meals on its menu to make your night more dramatic. Reserve your booking and enjoy the pleasure of both its bar and dining with a classical touch.

Rooftop bar with man looking out window at sunset ocean view

Bars are places where you go to enjoy yourself or break free of your hectic life’s routine. Find your escape from daily complications, and enjoy some moments for yourself. Take a sip of Sazerac and let your mind relax from all your problems.

Their inclusive social community congregates where people vanquish their problems and celebrate a days end. Come celebrate happy moments with a glass of wine or whiskey, forget all your worries and make the choice for a new happy life.

bartenders preparing cocktails and drinks

The Lui bar is the perfect destination, sporting a mixture of dark interior and fabricated furniture. Sit back and spend some quality time from the rooftop bar with mesmerizing city views. Your favourite bottle of wine and vibrant seafood are waiting to make your life’s moments more exceptional. Reserve your seat and enjoy the most relishing experience now. 

Address: 525 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Phone: (03) 9691 3888



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