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Lily Blacks Best Cocktail Bar in Melbourne

While there’s days when your job keeps your brain working around the clock with little or no break, Lily Blacks provides you with the ultimate reprieve. Satisfy your downtime with fun-filled cocktails and illustrious drinks. This Melbourne bar is well-known for being the go to place whether you want to blow off steam, make new friends, or strengthen the relationships you already have.

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Located at 12 Meyers Place, Melbourne, Victoria, Lily Blacks has made a mark for itself exceeding expectations from those who enjoy a tasty drink to the true Cocktail Aficionado. 

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Those who’ve spent time at its bar seldom have a bad thing to say. Many Melbourne locals consider its classic cocktails to be some of the finest in town. Due to the welcoming friendly staff, who go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, you’ll always feel at home during your stay. 

Lily Blacks Cocktail Bar Menu

Upon tasting Lily Blacks unique and seasonal cocktail combinations, you’ll be convinced you’ve finally got your choice of cocktail bars right.

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Start with a simple, light highball if you’re new to whiskey and want to learn the ropes. Or try the strong Talisker with poky Chartreuse, Suze, and lime acid if you can handle something stronger.

There’s good news for the beer-lovers with many fascinating beers to choose from. But if you have a peculiar preference for wine, you are certainly not left out.  Their wine selection comes with a wide variety of flavours to suit your individual taste.

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Luxurious and glitzy, there’s nothing understated about Lily Blacks. Regardless of who you are, your profession, state of mind, or feeling at the moment you request a drink; the right recipe is always on hand and available as the very best bartenders attend to your request at Lily Blacks. 

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise for a venue that brings together various local bartending experts in a monthly competition called Iron Bartender. It’s so much fun watching the bartenders compete and show off their many skills creating varieties of cocktails. Using fresh, seasonal and unfamiliar ingredients will keep you entertained as more discoveries of delicious concoctions are poured.

A Winning Bar’s Vibe

Locals and tourists who have been to the bar often admire the multicultural beauty of Lily Blacks. This Melbourne cocktail bar accepts and accommodates individuals, unifying different nationalities with a shared love of good times.

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Lily Blacks enjoys a great location in Melbourne because it puts customers in a great position to behold a beautiful combination of the CBD’s culture and works of art. With a cozy atmosphere and pleasant music level, the bar has a nice feel, and you’ll love the entrance of an alleyway!

It’s hard to resist trying something new when you’re surrounded by beautifully chosen décor and a world-class selection of cocktails. The view of the spirit tower in the bar’s central island from your seat also adds to the incredible experience of your late-night Friday drinks.

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This wonderful hidden bar in Melbourne has a loyal following, its dark lighting and mature atmosphere appeals to a refined audience. Super friendly staff create a bubbly environment, so you’ll never have to worry about being unhappy with your experience.

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In summary, Lily Blacks makes for a great night out. It’s not cheap, but it’s right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD and the staff are always friendly. You’ll never feel rushed or hurried, and you’ll always enjoy your cocktail. If you live in Melbourne or are visiting the city, make sure you check it out.

Address: 12 Meyers Place, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Phone: (03) 9654 4887


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