Kirks Wine Bar

waitress serving seated patrons coffee at kirks wine bar with wine bottles in back ground and green tiles

Kirks Wine Bar

Taking a break from your hectic work schedule is always a good idea. Tucked away on Hardware Lane, Kirks wine bar gives you the ultimate antidote to your hectic schedule.

street view of laneway diners at kirks bar restaurant on Melbourne's hardware lane under red awning

Satisfy your mind, heart and hunger with the best Melbourne wine bar providing a hefty variety of drinks and scrumptious food items. This Melbourne cocktail bar is famous for being the best place to chill, make new friends, and enjoy your drink and favourite food.

Welcoming you to the world of fine wine and food where you’ll find the most authentic wine range along with other speciality drinks.

inside kirks wine bar with seated patrons and barista staff pouring drinks and large glass windows at front of venue

Kirks wine is a joint project of Ian Curley, Con Christopoulos, and Joshua Brisbane who made it possible to enjoy a scrumptious wine on Melbourne’s hardware lane.

dark wine cellar with rock wall and black bottles of wine with red lids

“The space we have is quite cozy so you can get a relieving experience with different options to try.” 

Kirks wine staff believe their real reward is the mesmerizing experience guests receive. Though the space is small, it’s very charming and aesthetic with equally warm hospitality to match making you feel at home.

circular table with one chair, toast, chips and a glass of red wine

Kirks wine represents the best of Melbourne bars delivering great experiences to all their guests for well over 6 years. Kirks menu perfectly balances old-world sophistication and new-world drinks.

Kirks Wine Bar Menu

You’ll bound to feel authenticity when dining in a bespoke wine bar on Hardware lane. Nestled in one of the most attractive places in the city, you’ll discover it’s quaint vibe to be something else.

street view of restaurant on 46 hardware lane melbourne victoria 3000

Whether it’s for breakfast, a lunchtime snack, or something else, you’ll find what you desire. Within Kirks bar and restaurant you’ll find a variety of imported cheese, homemade charcuterie, creamy burrata, fresh oysters, and much more. 

business man with briefcase and man and woman walking along street during the day at front of kirks bar

Kirks wine, provide you with simple yet classy, authentic food and drinks from the past as well as the present. Serving delicious dishes with delectable combinations of herbs and spices. 

outdoor lane way dining at night with tables at chairs set up out front of Kirks on Hardware lane

Kirks wine is a combination of bistros, enotecas, and tapas bar that makes it on of the best Melbourne bars. It’s full of energy in summers and very cozy in the rain, tables are also arranged outside to include you in the natural surrounds.

Guests can look forward to receiving high-quality food and drinks. Made possible by highly professional and experienced chefs who plan and execute different options on kirks dining menu. 

wine cellar basement with wooden dining table and large wine cellars filled with wine and white stairs

As charming as this wine bar is, it’s real genius resides in talented staff who tentatively take care of their customers. Proficiency at Kirks is reflected in stellar service by down to earth staff who take care of your needs and deliver on time.

large shop front glass windows viewed front the street at kirks with seated patrons dining

Last but not the least, the staff at Kirks Wine strive to make sure the bar is hygienic, neat, and clean. The tidiness in the kitchen is the reflection of their desire to offer the best service.

Kirks Menu Must Trys

There’s a great variety of fine food and drinks on the menu. It offers a combination of old world and new world food and wines that builds a perfect balance for your dining experience. 

two woman seated and having coffee with two men at diffrent table in suits eating breakfast

In truth, I’d highly recommend everything on the menu but if I must pick one, I’d say start your day with the smoked salmon on potato blini and add a sunny side up omelette. Other delectable dishes include, Croque-monsieur is a must-try. The terrine and pâté boards, pork-belly, and oysters parcels are long standing guest favourites. 

Kirks Wine Bar – Ambience

Who doesn’t love a sophisticated, pleasing place to enjoy drinks?

cosy wine bar interior with man and woman seated in conversation with circular tables and chairs

This space delights you with an elegant interior set upon a European style that makes your experience worthwhile. Also, this Melbourne bar has Parisian outdoor tables which beautify the whole place and adds ambience for the guests. 

melbourne's nightlife along hardware lane in cbd at night

It’s a delight to have your favourite wine, great food, and a good environment in one place. The cherry on the cake is the friendly staff.

The best Melbourne bar

Tourists and locals who have experienced the vibe of Kirks wine bar are often mesmerized with the place, its menu, and the environment. You’ll find this Melbourne bar welcoming each guest with open arms. 

male barista in apron making coffee at kirks with wine bottles on shelves

Those arriving for the first time always seem to want to visit again because of its amazing environment, food, and drinks. The staff create an effortless friendly bond with the guests so you won’t be disappointed. 

In the summer, Kirks wine bar is a superb place to enjoy a night out. As it’s situated at the heart of the city, you’ll enjoy a wine under the city lit sky with everything near by. 

Why kirks wine bar is different

Despite the hustle of Melbourne, Hardware Lane’s simple yet ellogant destination provides you with a warm and peaceful atmosphere with your favourite wine.

diners enjoying coffee in restaurant

Kirk’s follows a simple ideology to deliver the best service and food to their guests. Stating they never compromise our guests’ needs or comfort.

bar tender pouring cocktail at bar

At Kirks wine bar, you’ll find a cosy environment with kind staff, and delicious plates. So pop your next cork in a place that never forgets to satisfy the guests and enjoy a toast in Melbourne.

Address: 46 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Phone: (03) 9600 4550



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