Boilermaker House Melbourne

900 plus whiskeys on bar shelf at boiler maker house in Melbourne

Boilermaker House – Melbourne’s Favourite Whiskey Bar

Boilermaker House Melbourne, offering everything from delicious food to delectable beverages.

Always striving for a chilled weekend? You deserve to unwind in a kickass bar after an exhausting week. So here it is, something to lighten your mood, and forget those tiring days.

decidant bar boilermaker with 900 whiskeys on shelves and wooden chairs

When stepping into the Boilermaker House on Lonsdale street, you’re welcomed by true Aussie hospitability by polite and witty staff. Your visitor’s mood sets in right away with a feeling that you’ve slipped into an 18th-century bar, with exquisite centuries old whiskey.

front entrance to boilermaker on 209-211 lonsdale street Melbourne

Boilermaker House, the sister club of Eau de Vie, is the perfect fusion of malt whisky, craft beer, and classic cocktails. A euphoric atmosphere where you can sample mouth-watering cocktails and take a bite of delicious cured meat. The bar consists of more than 900 whiskeys sourced from around the world with 12 craft beer taps.

brick wall with brown leather booth couch and whiskey liquor for my horses written on wall in boilermaker house

The Boilermaker House – Address, Booking and Menu

Boilermaker House Presents The Black Forest

Cozy booths and stylish chambers give the vibe of a blues filled temple devoted to malt whisky, craft beer and delicious cocktails. For flavours you’ll need to experience to believe, come to Melbourne’s Boilermaker Bar housed in the CBD.

bottle of fleurieu whiskey and whiskey glass at boilermaker

What makes Boilermaker House, Melbourne Special?

Everyone talks about the bright shiny light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately, you’ll find the same one at the end of your week with a great variety of the world’s whiskeys and melancholic blues to match.

three glasses of light to dark tap craft beer on wooden sampling board

Discover sheer joy while sampling their exceptionally well-selected range of whiskey, and diverse local tap beers. Bring your friends and get excited for the weekend at the Boilermaker House, Melbourne, situated in 209-211 Lonsdale Street.

hands toasting whisky glasses over table with plates of food

For opening hours, the Boilermaker bar is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The CBD bar is known as the Weekend Booze house, opens till midnight on Friday and Saturday’s.

Cosy Things to do in Boilermaker Bar

When you slip into the bar, it’s special vibe will captivate you. Witness mouth-watering ranges of whiskey glistening on their shelves.

row of twelve stainless steel craft beer taps at a bar

You’ll love the different versions of music played in the Boilermaker House. The excellent interior isn’t as crowded as other Melbourne bars. Relish your night out with ample space, and see why people love to hang out at Boilermaker. Combined with delicious food and plentiful booze – you’ll experience refreshing staff with cheerful banter.

Boilermaker House Presents The Speyside Rambler

Boilermaker House Menu – Whiskey, Wine & Dine!

Mouth-watering! Now here’s my favourite part. In the Boilermaker house selection you’ll find a wide variety of drinks to suit your taste. From house wines to blends of various cocktails – and 900 plus whiskeys are on offer.

expresso martini in glass on table cloth with cinnamon stick and coffee beans

Specifically, you should opt in for a unique and special whisky from the 900 options that are offered by the majestic CBD bar. Some popular drinks include Whisky of the world, Whisky 101, Tour of the world, and Best of Scotland.

low lit bar with wooden beams in roof, tap beer and wooden chairs

Adventurous Cocktail Bar

They say variety is the spice of life, and Boilermaker is no exception. House menu offers classy cocktails. None is more famous than Floral Fresh, Bell Bottom Blues, Red Cadillac Spiritz, and Comsomic Airways. These cocktails come in the combo of “Great Drink to Start Night”. In the “Trat & Funky” cocktail package, you will get the combo of  BOILERMAKER SOUR, DRAGON EYE SWIZZLE, and BOMB THE TWIST cocktails. For offering such combos, the Melbourne cocktail bar has become the talk of the town.

cured meat and cheese in shop window display

Get the cherry on the cake – you can savour yummy cheese followed by bar special curled meats in combinations of chicken & pilsner, beef & stout pumpkin. Further, you can add to your dish with a variety of beverages like Baller burgers, Banging mains, Bozzy pies, and many more.

Perfect Event destination The Boilermaker House Bar

You can book dinner with your mates in Boilermaker House, with a selection of your paired whiskies, cocktails, and craft beers. Enjoy quality food from the comprehensive exotic catering menu. Boilermakers specialize in organizing the events in their separate chambers.

red curtains and bulleit blues sign in back of bar with wooden bar top and bar stools and brick walls

You should consider the upcoming birthday of your loved one or friends in the buzz of Boilermaker House. Boilermaker hosts family events in their semi-private rooms for engagement ceremonies, school reunions, and celebrations of specific events.

massive bar shelf display of hundreds of bottles of whiskey and tap craft beer

Moreover, the venue is perfect for corporate events and product launch parties. Party animals thriving for rooftop restaurants and rooftop bars will get more inside Boilermaker House.