Bartronica Melbourne Arcade Bar

bartronica main bar counter with teenage mutant ninga turtle retro arcade game and red neon light

BARTRONICA – Melbourne’s Gaming Time Machine

Bartronica’s an old school arcade bar on Flinders Lane, Melbourne. It’s your time machine to bring back those nostalgic gaming memories.

red neon bartronica bar with retro arcade games

There’s heaps of arcade games from the ’70s to the ’90s. Start with classics like Mario Kart and Smash Bros, and you’ll discover new favourites as you work your way though.

man and woman playing time crisis at melbourne arcade bar

Bartronica’s guests can choose from tap beers, modern cocktails, and imported wines. Grab your favourite bar drinks and snacks and verse your friends. Or lose yourself in your favourite consul after a busy work week and spend some quality time alone. 

red nintendo 64 controller in arcade

If you’re looking for the best old-school arcade games in Melbourne’s CBD, this is the place for you.

arcade machines in bartronica with blue neon strip light

Bartronica Melbourne Arcade Bar – Address, Booking and Menu

Bartonica’s Retro Arcade, Gaming Consuls & Tournaments

If you love old school arcade cabinets and pinball machines, this basement hidden bar is a must. Discover some of the rarest pinball machines and arcade cabinets that form Bartronica’s pride. 

retro pin ball machine ghost busters and deadpool

Being a video game bar, you’ll be kept happy with the best consuls with Bartronica regularly rotating arcade games to keeping it fresh for you.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of arcades and pinnies, don’t worry, there’s still something for you. Bartronica also boasts an impressive collection of classic gaming consoles like PS1, PS2, N64s, and Xboxes.

old tv with mario kart 64 playing from nintendo

You can also book a booth for your crew and verse them at a legendary games like Super Smash Bros and Mario kart.

three arcade pinball machines; star wars, and game of thrones and iron maiden

What if you to play a tournament you ask? Bartronica has an events calendar on its Facebook page for all the updates of Goldeneye, smash bros, and Mario kart 64 tournaments.

The History of Melbourne’s Most Authentic Arcade Bar

Joshua Egan is the man behind Bartronica’s success. He’s an Entrepreneur and TV director. 

iron maiden, game of thrones and star wars pinball machines

Apparently it started when Joshua was 10 years old. He used to hang out at the Ocean Grove Caravan Park which was run by his mate’s family.

One day while playing, Joshua discovered stored arcade machines loaded with dust behind the roller door. The coin doors of the machines were open and Joshua along with his friends used to play them for hours with no limits to the credits. 

bartonica arcade bar with retro games and red neon sign

One of the arcade machines, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pinball, even made it to Bartronica.

Sparking Joshua’s interest, he’s collected 50+ arcade games and making Bartronica on of the largest collections of arcade games in Australia. Games are sourced from different places around the world giving your the best selection.

espresso martini cocktail on bar with retro arcade games in background

Bartronica’s Menu

Thirsty? Their menu includes a variety of options of beers, cocktails, spirits, and wines that will make your visit worthwhile.


fruit cocktail at bar with lime and straw

MARIO-MAI-TAI – White rum with a touch of almond, lime, and coconut that will refresh your mood.

DIDDY KONG – If you are a fan of bananas then you will definitely like this cocktail. It is a mix of rum and banana chunks.

MAVERICK – This magical drink is a mixture of great flavors like passion fruit, pomegranate, vodka, egg white, and Aperol.

WALL STREET ESPRESSO – A proper ratio of 666 butter vodka, cinnamon syrup, hazelnut, and Kahlua make this cocktail the most favorite drink of the Bartronica guests.

GIRLS ON FILM – This cocktail is a mix of vodka, raspberry puree, blueberry liquor, and lemon.

ARCADE-O-LADA – Beenleigh rum with a touch of fresh pineapple chunks, pineapple juice, and coconut.


Talking about beers, you’ll get a huge variety here including Asahi, Odyssey, Moon boy, Angry man, and more. 

jug of beer and empty glass on bar with pinball machines in background

Why is Bartronica the best bar in Melbourne?

Imagine you’ve had a hectic day, you call your friends to hang out and now they’ve forced you to visit Bartonica. But when you enter, the beautiful interiors, comfortable booths and retro vibes help your stress fade away.

women buying drinks with staff pouring tap bear at barcadia

Just because it’s a gaming bar doesn’t mean people who don’t love arcade games will find this place boring. Even those without a die hard obsession for consuls still consider this Melbourne bar a great place to hang with your crew and favourite liquor.

Phone: (03) 9629 9921


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