Bar Americano

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Bar Americano – Melbourne’s Authentic Cocktail Bar

Searching for the best Melbourne Bars? Bar Americano is the ultimate destination to enjoy fine drinks with amazing ambiance and authentic food.

Opened by Matthew Bax, Bar Americano pays homage to the Golden Age of drinking when the American Bar’s drinks were USA’s greatest cultural export. Serving classic cocktails that change seasonally with daily distillations, elixirs and infusions.

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Melbourne’s CBD packs a series of bars, from the large and characterful to small local and anonymous. The availability of laneway bars, quality foods, and world-class cocktails has made Melbourne a perfect mecca for locals and tourists alike.

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Obviously, there’s a chance of getting lost in the city with an industry-leading ambience. However, your trip to Melbourne won’t be successful without stopping in at 20 Presgrave Place. For there lies Bar Americano, who’s team of professional bartenders have a boutique venue to match.

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Bar Americano Melbourne | Drinks, Menu and Booking Details

Bar Americano – Transforming Melbourne’s City Scene

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Have you heard of the CBD bar’s scenario in 1994? According to the law of the country at that time, bars were bound to sell foods in order to supply drinks. But these rules are now void. Fortunately, Melbourne has witnessed the small bar renaissance with Bar Americano embracing the modern culture along with classical pubs.

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Bar Americano’s Visually Appealing Interior

Melbourne’s Bar Americano is the perfect destination for your indulgent nightcap. As soon as you enter it’ll remind you of the quintessential Parisian bars of the 1920’s. The Art Deco venue with a vintage and polished design feeds it’s vibe. Etched mirror backdrops and accents of gold create a classic touch. You’ll enter a different world far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

male bar tender squeezing lemon into cocktail drink at bar

This warm and welcoming bar will keep you indulged in the world of fine wines and cocktails. The dark wood décors and different wooden tones with carved stools create a rustic vibe. The perfect arrangement of furnishings has made the space appear bigger as it’s only setup for standing room. The overall atmosphere is charming, so be sure to book your stay for that special occasion and or casual night-out with friends.

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Bar Americano’s Menu – Discover Your Dream Drinks List

With a glam décor, Bar Americano is a must-visit bar. But you may also place an order online to sample their unique cocktail recipe’s at home. Professional bartenders strive to serve you from Melbourne’s best collection.

bar americano inside bar and recipe for mixed drink book by hugo r ensslin

To sample a delicious glass of properly brewed cocktail, or wine over a sharable plate, head to Bar Americano. From their new concoctions to classical favourites, everything is available for you. This bar also boasts an extensive range of delicious sparkling wines.

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Extensive Cocktail Range

A must try is the Brooklyn cocktail, the sweeter counterpart of the Manhattan cocktail. In most cases, customers like to visit the bar to experience it’s ambience and please their eyes on the brown-beige hues.

The bartenders use native seasonal ingredients to craft the award winning spirits. Check out their menu to find your favourite late-night drink. The intricate flavour profile of cocktails will amaze you. But don’t worry, you’ll never get confused. Their friendly staff are there to help you in selecting the right choice. This CBD bar has truly reinvented the classics in their own unique way.

Give the Gift of Americano Cocktails

Instead of a boring six-pack, you can purchase a digital gift card for your wine-loving friends. On any occasion, a glass of beer and other cool alcoholic drinks are the perfect gift.

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However, Bar Americano is more than just a café, wine and cocktail bar. You can also buy Matt Bax t-shirts and other special totes from their square-space platform.

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Enjoy Yourself and Help Others

Do you like to be slightly generous after drinking a few glasses of wine? To show your generosity, Bar Americano gives you the option for following the caffè sospeso tradition.

The term- caffè sospeso refers to pending coffee. According to tradition, you pay for two cups of coffee and consume one. But who do you ask receives the other ? Someone in need will make an inquiry about the availability of sospeso, and Bar Americano staff will happily serve them.

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It is a great chance to enjoy a drink and show your sense of solidarity. To find your favour for this charity initiative, visit Bar Americano.

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A must try CBD Bar

Every corner of Melbourne’s CBD seems to harbor bars brewing cocktails in unique styles. But, to narrow down endless options and master your drinking habits, you can never miss Bar Americano. Your trip to brewery bars in Melbourne stops here. You’ll keep coming back to show your love for cool wines and cocktails.

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