B. Lucky and Sons Melbourne Central Menu

arcade bar b lucky and sons menu in Melbourne central

B. Lucky and Sons Melbourne Dinner Restaurant Menu From Rando Sandos

Featured Brisket Sando

B. Lucky and Sons Melbourne menu from rando sandos is a new take on your favourite sandwich. It`s brisket, 8 hours of hickory-smoked beef brisket, sliced and layered with hand stretched Victorian mozzarella and rando sauce served in a crusty sourdough, served with the perfect side salad.

Lucky Cheese Sando

B. Lucky and sons menu from randosandos is a triple layered cheese sando with hand-stretched Victorian mozzarella, red cheddar cheese and sea salt served in crusty sourdough!

Rando’s Chicken Sando

Lucky and Sons menu from rando sandos is a delicious chicken sandwich that will leave you wanting more!

Served with a signature potato bun, this sandwich is made of super crispy fried chicken breast topped with iceberg lettuce, Victorian dill pickles, apple cider vinegar pickles, egg dillonaise and mustard all in one bite! This sandwich has it all- flavourful crispy chicken on the outside with plenty of crunchy vegetables inside. You can’t go wrong ordering this dish for lunch or dinner at your next event.

Boneless Chicken Wing

Their boneless chicken wing panko chicken breast with fresh herbs, free range egg dillonaise available in buffalo hot sauce, honey soy marinades or without sauce will have you craving for more!


B. Lucky and Sons spots a French fry like no other. These fries are made with Tasmanian potatoes, bush herbs, and Tasmanian pepperberry sea salt to give them that unique flavour of Australia.

Corn Ribs

The best corn cob ribs in the world are at B. Lucky and Sons menu. They are handcrafted using fresh herbs, smoked salt, egg free mayonnaise and fresh lime. The plant based protein is perfect for vegan eaters or if you just want to try something new!

Ice Cream Sando

The best sando in the world. They have a range of flavours including vanilla bean choc chip cookie dough ice cream, salted caramel and pecan ice cream. If you’re feeling adventurous try our plant based option with fairy floss dunked in rando chocolate and rolled in 100’s and 1000’s your choice of flavours!

Smoked Beetroot Reuben

Picture a smoked beetroot sandwich, served on crusty sourdough bread that is made with 8 hours of hickory smoking. This sandwich has layers of hand shaved beets, vegan cheese, sauerkraut, plant based mayonnaise and Victorian dill and apple cider pickles. This dish is egg free but still tastes like it`s packed with protein!